Featured Artist Lynn Chatman

Artist Lynn Chatman presents a collection of paintings using symbolism that explores the cycle of life.

Featured Artist Thomas Leung

Thomas Leung’s landscape paintings leap off the canvas, alive with vibrant color and dramatic contrast.

Featured Artist Alexis Lavine

Artist Alexis Lavine’s luminous, flowing watercolors capture the beauty in our every day world.

Featured Artist Merritt Richardson

Artist Merritt Richardson presents a collection of colorful, energetic abstract paintings.

Featured Artist Eric Goldstein

Artist Eric Goldstein presents a collection of mixed media sculptural canvases that convey his impression of light and the landscape.

Featured Artist Karen Cole

Artist Karen Cole’s minimalist landscapes impress with magnificent color and an expansive viewpoint.

Featured Artist Roberta Tetzner

Mixed media artist Roberta Tetzner offers a collection of sublime abstract landscape paintings filled with movement and life.

Featured Artist Lynn Hanley

Artist Lynn Hanley uses vibrant oils and collage to create magical abstracts and landscapes.

Featured Artist Marius Zabinski

Contemporary mixed media artist Marius Zabinski presents a collection of dynamic paintings with highly decorative elements.

Featured Artist Alex Tolstoy

Alex Tolstoy presents a collection of delicate, light-filled watercolor paintings that engage the viewer’s imagination.

Featured Artist Briana Fitzpatrick

Artist Briana Fitzpatrick creates spiritually expressive mixed media paintings. Visit her website to see more of her work.     I believe my passion for art sparked at the age of two while watching my older sister perform dance on stage. I told my mom I wanted to dance, so she signed me up for lessons. […]

Featured Artist Tom Grill

Photographer Tom Grill assembles different scene structures into a comprehensive story.

Featured Artist Joan Elizabeth Meyer

Artist Joan Elizabeth Meyer draws on a theme of man versus nature in her Nature’s Revenge series.

Featured Artist Clifton Webb

Inspired by African culture, artist Clifton Webb creates abstract sculpture with a visual message of positive change.