Artists at Work

Artsy Shark presents our artist friends at work. Enjoy!


artist painting

Mixed media artist Tyra Goodley gets colorful with a canvas.

woman at cafe

Kathy Crabbe works on cartoon drawings at a local vegan bar.

artist with brush and palette

Norwegian artist David Sandum with the tools of the trade.

artist painting

Painter Leon Sarantos concentrates on a new plein air painting.

artist working on stone

Sculptor Tanya Josham gets serious with a large piece of stone.

composite photo fiber artist at work

Composite photos of Lynette Williams working on a fabric collage.

Matt Tommey

Matt Tommey weaves natural components into collectible baskets.

artist painting a portrait in the studio

Artist Olga Gouskova creating one of her lovely portraits.

Anthony Ferguson

Painter Anthony Ferguson gets a little goofy in his studio.

Beth Judge

Jewelry designer Beth Judge focuses on her metalwork at the studio bench.


Licensed artist Andy Bauer in his studio creating new designs.

artist working

Annie Strack busy at work on a nautical watercolor in her studio.

artist in studio

Painter Ellie Wyeth drenched in afternoon sunlight.

Lori McNee Plein Air in Idaho

Lori McNee traveled on horseback to do some plein air painting in the Big Lost Mountains of Idaho.

BZTAT painting

Vicki Boatright aka BZTAT, gives a painting demonstration.

artist with her pets

Kathryn Hansen works on her intricate drawings made with graphite pencil.

photographer on beach

Photographer Mary Serantoni hits the beach for the perfect shot.

artist and dog

Watercolorist Chris Blevins does a little research with best friend and studio assistant Cooper.

Holly Friesen

Painter Holly Friesen adds final touches to a large canvas.

fiber artist at work

Kevan Lunney begins a new mixed media fabric project.

woodworker at lathe

“Sonoran Desert Woodturner” Richard Altenhofen at the lathe.

four year old artist

Painter Sona Holman got an early start to her art career (age 4).

plein air painting

Painter Mario Vargas is inspired by the landscape in his home country of Columbia.

artist illustrating

Illustrator Jessica Boehman works on a detailed border for a children’s book.

artist in studio

Artist Mckenna Hallett works at a foot-powered treadle to make upcycled  jewelry. She uses no fossil fuels.

fiber artist

Fiber artist Roxane Lessa concentrates on a new quilted design.

carving a bird

Woodcarver Terry Everitt adds fine details to a bird carving.

artist works on a batik

Muffy Clark Gill paints a batik design on fabric.

artist in studio, easel

Digital painter Jeff Mueller sports a classic artist’s beret in his studio.

collage photo

This portrait of photographer Michael Schaer is a work of art in itself.

fiber artist at work

Fiber artist Jean Judd works on a rust pigmentation project using iron filings to create this effect.

painted woman

Painter Nata Ibragimov becomes an art project herself and ….

shark t-shirt, artsyshark

she wins the Artsy Shark t-shirt for her photo. Congratulations Nata!




  1. what a fun post…love seeing artists at work!! some very talented people!!

  2. Great to see Sona Holman (at age 4) since I know this amazing artist who has moved to Austin! Nice to see everyone doing their thing!

  3. I loved this post…so fun to see the creativity of everyone, even in how they “see” themselves as they create!

  4. loved this post…so many talented artists!

  5. Sharon Riordan says

    I happen to know the talented Chris Blevins and her assistant Cooper. She is surrounded by colour that most cannot even see, Love her stuff!

  6. Thanks — I loved seeing my fellow artists at work!

  7. Carolyn,

    What a beautiful blog post! I love seeing everyone creating in their own environments. It’s fun to see my online art friends here in this post. Thank you for including me.
    BTW, your new blog makeover looks amazing!
    ~Lori 🙂

  8. Deshawn Glasper says

    Great collaboration of work ! Very inspiring!

  9. Hi Carolyn! This is great! It looks like I’ve missed the deadline. I need to keep up with my reading! I hope you make it a series so I can join in! You’re doing a great service to artists!

  10. Yet ANOTHER excellent post!!! Happy Creating!!! CARPÉ DIEM!!! 😀

  11. This is a wonderful post! I love seeing other artists at work. Very inspiring.

  12. Insiders eye to the workplace of the creative.
    Well done everyone!

  13. what a great post, and what makes it like that, are you guys, you are real artists.

  14. Thanks love seeing everyone doing their love, ART.very inspiring! Really enjoyed this.

  15. Loved seeing artists in their environment creating! Especially thrilled to see Matt Tommey! Thank you Matt for sharing your wisdom with other Christian artists! Keep creating to all of you!

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