Artists at Work

Artsy Shark presents some artist friends hard at work in their studios or on location. Enjoy!

Helping Artists Find Balance/Interview with Max Shapey LCSW

Artists sometimes can be overwhelmed or unable to move forward with their work. This interview with Max Shapey LCSW addresses issues that can cause this problem, and different ways to cope and find balance.

Artists, Sensitivity and Confidence/Interview with Douglas Eby

Douglas Eby is a psychologist who studies giftedness, creativity and their relation to mental health issues. He founded the site which is a vast resource for articles by many authors on these subjects. He discusses artist’s self-concept, confidence and “highly sensitive” personalities.

Featured Artist Jake Remington

Featured Artist Jake Remington presents his work and talks about his inspiration, goals and his portfolio of mixed media.

Fine Art & Styrofoam/Interview with Cheeming Boey

A conversation with Cheeming Boey, an artist who creates detailed illustrations on styrofoam cups. His unusual work has garnered a lot of publicity and commands high prices.

A Healing Body of Work

Artist Ted Meyer has created a series of unusual prints – taken from the scars of survivors of accidents and illness, his monoprints speak about life, healing and health. His solo show at ArtShare Los Angeles runs through February 21, 2010.

Who is Laura Lee and How Did She Make it in New York?

Laura Lee Gulledge, a graphic novelist and artist living in New York City, tells how she started her successful career. Laura Lee discusses her travels, the art scene in NYC and how persistence paid off for her.

The Vibrant Art of Judith HeartSong

An interview with artist Judith HeartSong discussing her vibrant paintings, her life, business and inspiration.

Take the Leap

Launching your art career can be an uncomfortable experience too. You have to be able to deliberately put yourself into situations that are difficult and scary and open to failure.

Searching for Fresh Talent/Interview with Brush Dance President Christine Witt

Brush Dance President Christine Witt discusses how they select artists to design their paper lines, the spirit behind their company, and the special relationship Brushdance has with their customers.