The Art of Color

Color inspires, excites and delights the eye. Enjoy this photo article as artist friends share their work and talk about the importance of color in their art.


Lion Dance

“Lion Dance” Watercolor, 36″ x 36″


Kim Minichiello presents her colorful subject matter, explaining, “Moving to Hong Kong during Chinese New Year was the inspiration behind ‘Lion Dance.’ Bold strong color isn’t as common for watercolor. It’s what I strive for in my work!”


Rustic Dreams

“Rustic Dreams” Photography, sizes vary


Eye-catching hues are the focus from photographer Angela Mahoney. She says, “I am frequently drawn towards shades of aqua blue, green and turquoise while combining weathered peeling paint for texture and rustic character, a prominent feature within my photography style.”

23rd Psalm

“23rd Psalm” Calligraphy with India ink, Art is gouache watercolors, 8″ x 10″


Colors pop on this Biblical quote penned by artist Darlene Flood “To be able to take beautiful, meaningful words and pen them out in calligraphy and then enhance the words with watercolor art is what I love to do!” she states.


Mosaic Landscape #2

“Mosaic Landscape #2″ Mixed media on canvas, 20″ x 20″ x 1/5”


Holly Savas energizes her artwork with color fields and collage elements.  “As an artist, I do my best work when I am taking risks by combining shapes, textures and especially colors in unexpected ways,” she says.


Mountain's Stream

“Mountain’s Stream” Fine art photography, 34″ x 45″


Smart use of color enhances the perspective in this photograph by Jon Stephenson, who muses, “Color is where one finds it, such as in this quiet mountain stream, which looks as if God has overturned his paint-box into the stream’s placidly flowing waters.”


Purple Raven

“Purple Raven” Fabric, painted and quilted, 11″ x 14″


Fiber artist Kelly Bort shares her charming “Purple Raven,” explaining, “I am drawn to strong color and since I have no depth perception I prefer to work in a graphic, folk art style which conveys my desire for fun and whimsy.”


Spider of Paradise #2

“Spider of Paradise #2” Photograph, sizes vary


Color dominates in this close-up photo by John Hintz, who says, “Seeing this fantastic flower and all its natural colors, made even more brilliant by the moisture from a just completed shower, made this a MUST HAVE shot.”


Return to Puna

“Return to Puna” Acrylic, 30″ x 40″


“I believe in color as a spiritual force,” says painter David Friedman, “It is a beautiful visual language that can express a deeper place beyond surface to reveal Life’s vitality, joy and mystery.”



“Life” Deep etched copper, painted, clear coated and mounted on silk, 32″ x 38″ framed


Jim Powlan’s simple but powerful use of color is the force that makes this image so riveting. “I love color, texture, and luminosity,” he says, “all of which I highlight whether I am working on sheets of copper or hand pulling no more than five prints from the copper plates on Japanese silk.”


Songs of Glory

“Songs Of Glory” Oil, 30″ x 40″


Eva Currie uses a soft palette to celebrate the joy of seasonal color.  She says, “It is in nature’s dance I celebrate with color.”



“Flight” Acrylic, 36″ x 36″


David Chestnutt offers a geometric study in color and form. “I have always been fascinated with color and obsessed with color placement and juxtaposition in compositions and using it to give form and texture to the canvas resulting in a bold statement.”


A Bird in the Hand

“A Bird in the Hand” Acrylics and pen on paper, 8″ x 12″


Artist June Walker claims, “I love the energy which comes from unusual colour combinations in my artwork.”



“Brimming” Acrylic, 48″ x 48″ x 1″


Patricia Coulter describes her vibrantly colored painting:  “The bold sweeps of vibrant color in this large, abstract canvas are both energizing and calming!”


Sapphire Reflection, Ottawa River

“ Sapphire Reflection, Ottawa River” Oil on canvas, 30″ x 40″


Margaret Chwialkowska’s landscape shimmers with energy.” My goal is to captures the drama of nature – surreal, magical, almost fantastic,” she explains. “My paintings are infused with light, charged with vibrant, almost fantastical colours and dramatic texture.



“Ablaze” Fiber, wire & aluminum, 34″ x 6″


Fiber artist Lisa Van Herik chooses a dynamic color combination for her work. “I’m fascinated by the impact color has on emotions and moods. So, I’m drawn to bold colors in my artwork for its ability to stimulate and evoke strong emotional reactions.”


PNC Park

“PNC Park” Oil and Pencil on canvas, 36″ x 24″


Michael Ilkiw describes his delightful scene: “Is there anything worse than a bad crowd at a baseball game? Black and white. The slow clap, the anticipation, the crowd roaring, the smell of freshly cut grass; color.”


Autumn Hues

“Autumn Hues” Acrylic, 36″ x 48″


Painter Kathryn Spata talks about her use of color, saying “My work on canvas is complex and continually rewards the viewer with new juxtapositions of color and texture, expressing playfulness and exuberance.”


Making Waves

“Making Waves, Mixed Media on Board, 48″ x 48”


“My primary inspiration comes from the fragments and layers, which create vibrancy and depth in nature,” describes Bettina Sego of her eye-catching work, “In my artwork I use layers of inks, acrylics, silver leaf and resin to recreate this vibrancy.”



“Life” Acrylic, 60″ x 60″


Konni Jensen pairs color with whimsy. She says, “I love getting people’s imagination going and putting a smile on their face; I do this by making colorful paintings with lots of hidden pictures – it’s my own treasure hunt!


Cells in Turquoise and Gold

“Cells in Turquoise and Gold” Oil paint/mixed media, 24″ x 39″


Alise Loebelsohn explains her complex mixed media artwork saying, “I am fascinated to see what happens when you set a color against a metallic back round. It is the most magical and mysterious of all the painting principles.”


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