Art and Healing

Art can heal. The following artists, who have created art not only to heal themselves, but to reach out to others, have offered their images and statements to express how profoundly art has affected their lives. Click on the artist’s name to see their websites.


Michelle Fairchild - "Self Portrait with Poppies" Acrylic


Michelle Johnson Fairchild:

Strangled and left for dead amidst nearly 100 paintings butchered to shreds. I went from victim to a survivor filled with life, courage and strength. What changed in my life? I began to paint.


Helena Cooper - "Undulations" Photography, Various Sizes


Helena Cooper:

I photograph the interplay of light with forms, textures and designs in nature. My purpose is to share my abstract nature photography with the hope that it can inspire, heal and awaken the imagination.


Margie Goodchild - "Thank You Piggies" Watercolor


Margie Goodchild:

I made this self-portrait after being diagnosed with a thyroid condition. “Betrayed” by my body, I visualized my porcine-derived medication liberating my (butterfly shaped) thyroid gland. Healing was enhanced by combining medical support with art.


Scott Duffy - "M Painting" Acrylic on Wood, 24" x 48"


Scott Duffy:

A serious surfing accident at the age of sixteen left me with a severed spinal cord, rendering me quadriplegic with limited arm movement and complete paralysis of my hands. Art therapy was one thing which helped me find my artistic talent. I feel that art is a therapeutic solution that restores balance and serenity to my life in a world that is complicated, fast moving and short-term oriented.


Hildy Maze - "Appearing Duality" Oil on Paper, 18" x 24"


Hildy Maze:

Each of us looks through a self-created lens. Sometimes this lens falls away. In these moments, we have a glimpse of naked awareness of our flawless nature of mind. With this awareness we can know the nature of our world and perhaps begin to know more about the turmoil the world is in.


Kat Shevchenko - "Camille's Rite of Illumination" Oil and Egg Tempura on Panel, 12" x 24"


Kat Shevchenko:

Healing happens during the artistic process no matter what the end result. I confront my inner fears when I am painting and in doing so expand my vision of seeing unlimited possibilities.


Liz London - "Birth of the Ocean"


Liz London:

I intuitively create with the intention of capturing the “ocean’s essence” for an imagined beginning and to restart to “heal” earth’s oceans.


D. Lammie-Hanson - "Transcending Into a Being"


D. Lammie-Hanson:

In “Transcending into a Being” I utilize water flow as a medium to heighten the senses. The subject emerges from an emotional fog, growing and changing her molecular structure into a lightness of being.


Kit Casey - "June"


Kit Casey:

I throw fingerpaint and tempera on canvas, with raw emotion and vibrant color. There is movement in the paint; a delightful play and dance of color that calms, heals and refreshes.


Anita Nowinski - "Vitality"


Anita Nowinska:

My paintings of big, blown up, sensual images of flowers are created by channeling energy from the vivid colors I use and the stories behind the artwork. The energy can be relaxing, invigorating or soothing, all depending on what I’m feeling at the time or what a client needs from my art.


Ilisa Millermoon - "Trust Your Intuition"


Ilisa Millermoon:

By channeling my angels and my spirit guides, I set the intention for each painting. I infuse each of my creations with positive energy and high vibrations to transform your living space, raise your vibration and heal your spirit.


Tanya Cole - "Trust" Mixed Media on Paper


Tanya Cole:

I make art to reach the depths inside of me. I heal as I create, through accessing joy, connection, insight and spiritual growth. As I authentically express myself through both the act of expression and the art itself, I feel that I give others permission to do the same—to open and to heal.


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    Happy to see this important and meaningful topic of “Art & Healing” to be featured on ArtsyShark!!!

    “Healing Arts by Helen Kagan” (for over 30 years…) –

  2. Saul Torres says

    Great presentation of art with a purpose. It encouraged me to reflect and benefit again from my own healing moments with my art processes.

  3. Lee du ploy says

    I worked as a therapist for years often with people who painted to alleviate issues which persecuted them.

    It took me some years after retiring to complete a book in which I explored options where I reversed roles and became the painter using art as therapy in conjunction with psychotherapy to help resolve deep-seated emotional issues.

    “The Glass Facade” is the title and I hope you will find it of interest.

    Simply Google my name, it will give you more details.

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