A Favorite Work of Art

We asked some artists to share a favorite work and their inspiration. Click on each name to view their website and portfolio.


Artwork by Lorna Gerard


Lorna Gerard

I love this work because it brings back wonderful memories of walks along the beach with my partner and my family, times of peace, harmony and tranquility. The fragility in Mother Nature and life is reflected in the mark making over the beach scene.


Artwork by Kim Richards


Kim Richards

My current body of work has been inspired by flowers, but all of my work is about color. I am fascinated by the ways colors work together to create an emotion and mood.


Artwork by Ober-Rae Starr Livingstone


Ober-Rae Starr Livingstone

This painting is inspired by my constant awe and fascination with the play of colors and light on sky and water during sunsets and sunrises.


Artwork by Scott Lockwood


Scott Lockwood

Coming To Conclusions is from my Windblown Clouds. In black and white and specifically cropped, these images express an individual energy and life, suggesting the emotions and thought that are reflected in their titles. 


Artwork by Veronica Chauvet Barletti


Verónica Chauvet Barletti

I want to reveal the amazing grace and variety of nature through forms and colors that can look the same, but they never are.


Artwork by Alice Plusch


Alice Plusch

The image I’m working on at the moment is always my favorite work of art. Acting as a conduit, exploring positive and negative space, images are incorporated in and around colors, patterns and linear elements.


Artwork by Barbara L.B. Storey


Barbara L.B. Storey

This bee was busily working on a blossom, and stayed just long enough for me to capture him. I transformed him into a digital painting: my first abstract, and still my favourite.


Artwork by Hunter J Smith


Hunter J. Smith

I’m intrigued by mystery, and it’s what motivates me in anything I paint.  This piece represents the ruins of Machu Picchu in a new, and yet at the same time ancient, light.


Artwork by Terri Albanese


Terri Albanese

Finding inspiration in mosaics of Italy, I created a style that was truly unique, would emulate my illustration style, and give me the freedom to “paint with glass” and evoke emotions of joy, peace and encouragement.


Artwork by Rosalind San Felipe


Rosalind San Felipe

This is one of my favorite pieces, because I used several techniques in combination; acrylic, charcoal, spray paint and stencils. I enjoyed creating this work and the soft edges that came about with the different layers.


Artwork by Joseph Grice


Joseph Grice

This is a watercolor of an American robin. I watch birds every day in my backyard, and I feel as though they are like living paintings.


Artwork by Cynthia Groya


Cynthia Groya

While it is beautiful to look at, its message is one of social justice, representing the horrific reality of lynching in the south: all the beautiful young men whose lives were unjustly cut short.


Artwork by Suzahn King


Suzahn King

Perhaps because it’s my favorite ice cream parlor, Diquis in Palmer Norte, it would become my favorite work of art. I love the colors and the energy and the feeling it makes you want to come in and order some ice cream or a batido.


Artwork by Sarika Dandona


Sarika Dandona

I thrive on macro photography to draw out surreal abstractions and illusions from a fusion of colors, contours, materials, textures and nature. Love to challenge first impressions of objects like ice and single malt here.


Artwork by Rick Spacek


Rick Spacek

Scrolling is my passion, cutting each piece with precision. It could take hours, days, weeks. Being a disabled veteran, it is very therapeutic. I am inspired by the beauty of different woods.


Artwork by Rachel Frost


Rachel Frost

I am an Australian artist. I have a love and a passion for animals, the land and art. Hence my inspiration to paint in pastels the beautiful animals that surround me and the land in which I live.


Artwork by Joyce Sandri


Joyce Sandri

“Medley From Above” is inspired by an overhead view of a street dominated by a strong keyboard pattern. Rhythmic reflections of surrounding buildings lend a musical quality to what is my favorite work of art.


Artwork by Paco Martin Dominquez


Paco Martin Dominquez

This was my second drawing about a similar subject. In this particular case, I wanted to paint the green leaves to enhance the contrast. It was really interesting and a great challenge to draw the background and the mandarin peel.


Artwork by Laura Hunt


Laura Hunt

“Tourbillion” is composed of four 10” x 10” canvases. My work is inspired by textures in nature and the ideas that just pop into my consciousness begging to be painted.


Artwork by David French


David French

Cycling around the coast of Italy inspired my latest obsession with “translucent waters.” The secluded coves, sometimes accessible by boat only, gave me the aerial perspective that inspired me to paint coasts closer to home!


Artwork by Jane Cowley


Jane Cowley

I wanted to capture the feeling of serenity in the golden hues of the beach grass and the warm violets of the late afternoon shadows.


Artwork by Margarita Iokavleva


Margarita Iakovleva

A long time ago our world was magical. Then we turned our back on the magic and went on the road of science and materialism. I truly believe the development of humans from now on should not be as much on a technical level, but mostly on a spiritual one.


Artwork by Jessie Rasche


Jessie Rasche

My abstract paintings are inspired by aerial photos of earth from NASA. These paintings add a contemporary look to traditional and contemporary homes, and have the appeal of a landscape painting.


Artwork by Laurie Rosenberg


Laurie Rosenberg

This is my favorite work of art right now. It is the moment when the sparks of interest and the attraction between two people ignite. It’s all about the possibilities.


Artwork by Kaya Kepa


Kaya Kepa

This illustration is called “Gold Thread” and is part of a set of four other drawings. I’m greatly inspired by nature, fantasy illustrations, game concept art and the many amazing artists I follow.


Artwork by Lynn Goldstein


Lynn Goldstein

“Le Cadeaux” (The Gift) was the first painting that I completed when I was participating in a one month artist residency in Dinan, France. The inspiration was Monet’s garden in Giverny.


Artwork by Amar Singha


Amar Singha

This is the fourth painting of my series I composed inspired by ancient Indian Raga-Mala. This painting is about the figurative idea based on Indian classical music that indicates the rainy season.


Artwork by Greta Olivas


Greta Olivas

My paintings are inspired by emotion and nature. This painting was created after experiencing the majestic beauty of Yellowstone.


Artwork by Denise Johnson


Denise Johnson

I put my heart feelings into each piece letting intuition, the inks and serendipity be my guide. Life would be so much less without my art.


Artwork by Isabella Karolewicz


Isabella Karolewicz

Sometimes in life we need to just stop and smell the roses… It’s those precious moments in life which inspire my paintings.



Artwork by Kristy Spiegel


Kristy Speigel

I create functional art on salvaged mirrors by tarnishing the silver and imprinting/hand painting imagery into the tarnish. I work with a variety of media including mica powders, enamels, inks, and metal leaf.


Artwork by KJ Kahnle


KJ Kahnle

Gunpowder‘s nature, energy, and the experimental qualities it offers captivates my desire to create. The variables and reactions are endless… not being able to completely predict nor control it also draws me to it.


Artwork by Rebecca Stern


Rebecca Stern

I let go of the pressure to create a “good piece of artwork” and this allowed me to let the creative process take over. I love this painting because it can serve as a reminder of the importance of Letting Go.


Artwork by Jude Valentine


Jude Valentine

Driving along the narrow rural edge of a shoreline peninsula one evening, I caught the full moon rising just above the eastern lowland barrens over the tidal inlet in the dusky twilight.


Artwork by Kirsten Compitello


Kirsten Compitello

My scenes use vivid color to evoke a sense of space that is part reality and part emotion. I juxtapose nature and structure to highlight beauty in the built environment.



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  1. A beautiful collection of art – thanks for including me in this article!

  2. I really enjoyed reading each artist’s reason for presenting his/her favorite work. So much talent and diversity in this collection.

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