Sell Your Art Online with Live Video

by Carolyn  Edlund

Improve your art sales by connecting with potential collectors through live video.


Sell Art with Livestreaming


What’s the hottest topic in online art sales? Livestreaming through video. It’s easy to get started. Anyone with a computer or smartphone and a social media account can launch immediately, without purchasing any equipment or using paid services. All it takes is the desire to sell more of your work, and the willingness to take the plunge and appear in a video.

Livestreaming has become more and more popular during the past year. I recently spoke with a young woman who makes and sells handmade jewelry who developed a regular “coffee hour” live event that she directly broadcast to Facebook. It took place each month for the purpose of showing and selling her work to a large audience and making sales in real time. She invited other artists to join her and pull their fans in as well for an entire “home shopping channel” program. She reported incredible results, pulling in thousands of dollars in sales each time she livestreamed an event. In fact, her online sales during a year of lockdown were greater than when she exhibited at fairs and festivals.

I asked her how she structured these online video sales to maximize her results. She promoted the events ahead of time to her email list and social followers, building interest and creating an urgency to buy. After the live event, she followed up to encourage potential customers to view the recording and snap up any remaining unsold items. It’s given her a whole new income stream that adds profits to her business and has grown her customer base.

Could this sales method work for you?

Likely, yes. Many artists have increased their sales through video, with little risk and no added costs. The biggest hurdle is simply “breaking the ice” by broadcasting your first live event. To help you get started, I did an interactive call with Patrick Shanahan of Art Storefronts that offered tips for beginners and answered lots of questions from attending artists. We created a free training right here on Artsy Shark. Check it out and let me know how it worked for you.

If you decide to make your first video, follow the instructions on the training page and submit the link to your recording. We’re running a contest through October 9, 2021, with terrific prizes that any artist in business can use!



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  1. I did the training and now just now going over what I have been taught before I launched my first ever online art show. Thank you Carolyn, and Patrick very well explained. I need ask a question. Can share with a friend that is not on Facebook, because they know about my work, how can I get them online?

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