Featured Artist Linda Harrison-Parsons

Artist Linda Harrison-Parsons offers a selection of wonderfully expressive charcoal and pastel animal portraits. See more of her portfolio on her website.


pastel owl portrait by Linda Harrison-Parsons

“Tomorrow” pastel, 14” x 20”


I always knew I would make art.

My mother saw the creativity in me at a very young age. She gave me paper, pencils, crayons and art coloring books during my elementary school years. My teachers also encouraged me to make art. I doodled on everything, including tests, writing assignments and workbooks.


charcoal octopus portrait by Linda Harrison-Parsons

“Do Octopuses Dream in Color?” charcoal, 30” x 22”


Along the way a few teachers helped me expand my need to draw. I created bulletin boards, display cases and designed programs for school plays. One teacher even had me paint little winter scenes for her personal holiday cards (but I never did get paid for that job!)


pastel elephant portrait by Linda Harrison-Parsons

“Ubuntu” pastel on coffee-stained paper, 11” x 7”


Life sometimes gets in the way of dreams. After many U-turns and a few dead-end roads, I found that I needed to be brave and keep moving forward.


mixed media tree painting by Linda Harrison-Parsons

“Tree of Life, Adaptation” mixed media, 18” x 24”


I’ve had many jobs that just paid the bills and I went to college part-time for years. I worked full-time and sometimes part-time too, along with being a single mother. I did small art shows and joined local art organizations. Over the years I remarried, and was accepted to Maryland Institute, College of Art (MICA), in Baltimore, Maryland.


raccoon drawing by Linda Harrison-Parsons

“Here in the Corner” white charcoal on black paper, 12” x 9”


I was thirty-something when I went back to school full-time. MICA, an art school filled with many talented young people, pushed me to become the artist I am today. A professor, Abbey Sangiamo, told me to create the work I love, that my audience will find me and my art.


mixed media zebra portrait by Linda Harrison-Parsons

“Looking To the Sun” pastel on coffee-stained paper, 14” x 11”


Those words stayed with me. I still make the art that is important to my life. I earned my undergraduate degree in Fine Arts from MICA and went on to get a master’s degree in Fine Arts from G.W. University, Washington, D.C.


charcoal owl portrait by Linda Harrison-Parsons

“Listening” white charcoal on black paper, 12” x 9”


I’m an environmental wildlife and nature artist, creating realistic works using pastel and charcoal, and sometimes mixing them with other mediums.


pastel portrait of an owl by Linda Harrison-Parsons

“Waiting” pastel, 14” x 11”


Nature is my passion. It fills me with peace just as creating art does. I believe that Nature and the act of making art go hand-in-hand for me—both help keep me sane. I strongly feel that I will continue to travel this globe, teach workshops and make art for as long as my hands and eyes will allow.


"Waiting" artist Linda Harrison-Parsons working on the saw whet owl portrait in pastel

“Waiting” artist Linda Harrison-Parsons working on the saw whet owl portrait in pastel


Thank you for reading my story. I hope you enjoy my creations. You can find demonstrations of my techniques on the blog posts in my website.


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