Get More Publicity for Your Art

by Carolyn Edlund

Want more exposure for your art or handmade work? Here’s how to create buzz on social media and with the press to reach a broader audience.


Get More Publicity for Your Art


Here’s how to get the word out about your art, showcase your talent and build a supportive network,

The Power of Sharing

Networking is all about building connections with others for mutual benefit. A great way to start is by being generous and sharing others’ work first. When you post about another artist’s event, share a promotional post for your local art council, mention a fellow creative on Instagram or Facebook, or write a blog post that highlights someone else’s achievements, you open the door to receiving reciprocal help.

Successful networking requires a mindset where you pay it forward unconditionally, without expecting immediate payback. Over time, as you become known as a supportive networking partner, others are likely to return the favor. Cultivate a reputation for being helpful and supportive, and you will find it leads to stronger connections and opportunities for yourself.

Connect with Strategic Allies

Consider forming strategic alliances with other artists or creators in your niche or those who serve the same audience but don’t directly compete with you. By joining forces, you can leverage each other’s networks and increase your collective reach.

Collaborate with alliance partners to share each other’s social media posts. Use your email newsletters to refer and recommend one another. This type of cross-promotion allows you to tap into a larger audience than either of you can reach individually. These allies can be powerful tools for expanding your exposure and gaining new followers.

Create Professional Collateral

When the opportunity for press coverage arises or someone shows interest in featuring your work, be prepared with essential assets. Have a well-written bio and a professional headshot ready to share. Your artist statement and CV are other essentials to have on hand.

A good headshot should be available as a thumbnail (150px by 150px) that can be easily emailed. Your bio should consist of a paragraph or two, along with a shorter version of 50-100 words. Having these available means you won’t miss a chance to be featured due to a lack of necessary information.

Present Your Work with Stunning Visuals

If you’re seeking press coverage or publicity, high-quality images of your art or handmade work are essential. Professional photographs of your art will make the best impression. If you can’t  hire an experienced photographer, learn how to use your own camera or smartphone to take excellent shots and avoid common mistakes that can ruin the impact of your presentation.

For print publications, ensure your images are in a high-resolution format, such as a .tif file, for sharp and clear printing. For online features, provide low-resolution images like .jpg or .png files that load quickly on webpages.

To make things easier for the press, be ready to provide images in the required format promptly. Free online tools like PicResize and Zamzar can be useful for resizing and reformatting images.

Make Sharing Easy for Your Network Partners

When you have upcoming events like exhibitions or art fairs, make it simple for your network partners to help spread the word. Provide them with suggested posts for Facebook, Instagram or other platforms. By providing pre-prepared content, they can easily copy and paste the information, eliminating any potential inaccuracies or omissions.

Pitch to the Press

Publications and blogs are always on the lookout for fresh content, including stories about artists and creators. To increase your chances of being featured, create a press kit that gives full information, and keep it updated.

You can even go a step further by offering suggested stories that align with your art or craft and match the focus of the publication. Do this by crafting a list of headlines with a paragraph or two about your work that could fit into various story angles. By having materials available that cater to their needs, you could potentially gain press exposure without even directly contacting the reporter.


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