How to Succeed in the Changing Marketplace

The biggest frustration that I hear from the sales reps that I mentor, is that the old strategies aren’t working anymore.

Why You Should Hire Sales Reps – Or Not

There can be huge benefits to having effective sales representation, mainly that you will have opportunities that you never knew existed, and doors will be opened into new, exciting and profitable markets.

Is There a Future for Trade Shows and Sales Reps?

With the advent of internet shopping and an abundance of websites, the face of commerce is continuing to change entire industries. Traditional methods such as traveling to trade shows to place orders for merchandise, or sitting down with a rep for an in-person appointment, have been in decline for quite a while.

How to Work with Art Consultants

Art consultant and author Barbara Markoff discusses how artists meet art consultants and can best work with them to create and place art in corporate settings.

Advice from a RockStar Sales Rep

Sales rockstar Meryl Hooker helps artists and entrepreneurs get focused on business strategies to help sell their products. She lists five important steps to help create unique selling propositions for businesspeople and artists.

Greeting Card Entrepreneur Designs Her Own Success

Louisa Huang, creator of the greeting card line “Paper Musings” explains how she started and grew her business. Information on the greeting card business, sales reps, marketing and inspiration are included.

How to Work with Sales Reps to Grow Your Business

Working with sales reps is a great way to get exposure for your products and increase sales. Here are some basics for working with commissioned outside sales representatives.