A Partner to Creative Entrepreneurs

UK provider Wraptious helps artists develop gift products and enter lucrative new markets.

What Artists Should Know about The Corporate Market

The corporate sector may be a lucrative market for artists whose work is appropriate and who have the ability to work with other professionals to serve large clients.

How One Artist Built a Successful Greeting Card Line

A core strategy for selling card lines is to recruit and work with territory reps, who can explode sales and take the collection into new markets the artist has never before considered.

“I’m sorry… WHAT did you sign??” Part Two

Every time a client comes to me with an artist representative agreement, I cringe.

Representing Artists to the Corporate Market

“Artists don’t want to go out and sell themselves,” said Murray. “They want you to go out there for them, make the sale.”

Master of Humor: Interview with Photographer John Lund

The photography was more fun and took less time, and they paid me more. I said, “I think I’ll become a photographer.”

Artists, Do You Need an Agent?

There is a huge hunger (and confusion) among artists about how to sell their work. Would an agent be the solution?

Lessons from a Licensed Artist

My approach to any professional design project or business is to find out what’s going in the field.

Are You Ready to Hire Your First Sales Rep?

Most reps are not willing to take on a line until there are some proven sales in the marketplace.

Need Sales Reps? Here’s How to Find Them

This illustrates the incredible demand for effective representation, and the potential revenue it can produce for your small business.
So, where are the sales reps, and how do you find them?

The Art of Wholesaling

Selling wholesale is very stabilizing to a business. Imagine starting work on a Monday morning in your studio, knowing that everything you will make that week is already sold!

Selling to Large Retailers

There is a huge difference between working with a small independent mom-and-pop retailer and entering the world of corporate buyers.

Artsy Shark’s Greatest “Hits”

A rundown of the most-read articles ever on Artsy Shark, by category. Plus, the top 6 most-visited Featured Artist pages.

A Day in the Life of an Artist’s Agent

I use a combination of cold calling and email submissions. I submit artwork after reviewing the guidelines on the company’s website.