A Guide to Art Calls

Guest blogger Mickey Bond offer a comprehensive look at types of art calls, and what you need to know to respond to them.

Anatomy of a Call for Artwork

The language of art calls is stilted because curators, gallery owners, art center administrators and university professors are using specific forms to announce calls for work.

What Artists Need to Know About the Jury

Your submission only has to do with what will visually appeal to the jury.

Announcing the “America’s Best Art Fairs” Awards – What’s Your Vote?

We want to know: What show do you think art fair shoppers should not miss?

Building Value in American Handmade Fine Craft

So what can artists and craftspeople do today to both build value and express the value of what they love to make?

8 Mistakes to Avoid When Entering Art Competitions

It takes courage for an artist to enter their work into art competitions, as they are potentially exposing their art to the possibility of rejection. Yet, it is through these competitions and being accepted into these shows that your art will be considered “serious”. Art shows and competitions are a necessary evil and it is something that all artists must go through.

Choose the Right Photographer for Your Art

Photographers who specialize in photographing art do it because they love art. It’s that simple.”

Taking Buy/Sell Merchandise Out of Art and Craft Fairs

Carroll witnessed an exhibitor drive from a show at the end of the day to refill their merchandise from the back of a semi, stocked with goods from China which were being sold as handcrafted American work.

Top 5 Tips on Getting into More Juried Art Exhibitions

In order to help build and develop their artistic resume,’ artists will find it necessary to enter juried art competitions on a regular basis. By entering and being accepted into juried art competitions, this then becomes a “third party” endorsement of the artist’s skill and artistic talents.