What You Can Learn from Your Competition

Building a small creative business doesn’t mean you have to reinvent the wheel. There is plenty to learn from others.

How Artists Can Get Juried In

What does it take to get your art accepted in a competitive juried process? Here’s my jury process and what I take into consideration to give a thumbs up, or send a rejection.

How Artists Can Build Credibility

People want to buy art from experts, not amateurs. How can you share your expertise and gain credibility as an artist?

How Art is Juried … and How to Get Better Results

Show your best art. When presenting a whole portfolio, you will be judged on the weakest piece of work that you have.

Playing Up

For many people who have reached their goals and been blessed with success, gratification comes not through more conquest, but through helping others.

Is Your Artist Statement Working for You?

An artist statement, like all promotion, is a frame through which the artwork is seen. It is a guideline, a means of orienting the viewer.

Think Like a Judge When Entering Art Competitions

Considering whether to enter art competitions? These important points will help you choose wisely and put together your best submission.

Improve Your Odds When Entering Art Competitions

If you are entering a professional level competition, it is in your best interest to have your own personal website that is up to date.

An Artists’ Advocate on a Mission to “Celebrate The Healing Power of Art”

Art as a healing energy is no longer an experience reserved for practicing artists.

A Guide to Art Calls

Guest blogger Mickey Bond offer a comprehensive look at types of art calls, and what you need to know to respond to them.

Anatomy of a Call for Artwork

The language of art calls is stilted. Curators, gallery owners, art center administrators and university professors use specific forms.

What Artists Must Know About the Jury

Your submission only has to do with what will visually appeal to the jury. That’s what you should concentrate on providing.

Building Value in American Handmade Fine Craft

What can artists and craftspeople do today to both build value and express the value of what they love to make?

8 Mistakes to Avoid When Entering Art Competitions

Entering art competitions can be stressful and confusing. John R. Math shares this guide to help you avoid mistakes.