How to Build Profitable Relationships with Galleries

When a gallery or retailer is invested in your concept, and your work, there are quite a few ways to work together.

What is Affordable Art?

When I walked into work that day and saw this immensely beautiful Miro diptych on the main wall of the gallery, my heart started racing.

Gallery Interview: Cowley Fine Art

Running a gallery is very much like creating art. You start with a vision and as you progress, the vision changes and evolves.

A Gallery Owner’s View: Realities of the Art Business

Who we are looking for: Talented Artists, Driven personalities, Inspirational Visionaries. Respectful Humans, people with a love of art, creativity, and common sense. Most of all artists who want to work with other artists to succeed.

A Gallery Owner’s View: What Artists Need to Know

In Part One of her interview with Artsy Shark, Suzanne Connors of SaxArt Gallery in North Carolina speaks frankly about challenges that art galleries face and what artists must know to work with galleries for mutual success.

Brilliant Planning Leads to a Sold Out Art Show

Is it pure luck when an artist sells every piece in a particular show?

Top 5 Tips on Getting into More Juried Art Exhibitions

In order to help build and develop their artistic resume,’ artists will find it necessary to enter juried art competitions on a regular basis. By entering and being accepted into juried art competitions, this then becomes a “third party” endorsement of the artist’s skill and artistic talents.

Energy Art Gains Momentum

“Energy is one of the most ephemeral qualities to depict.”

Featured Artist Bill Werle

Painter Bill Werle explores the world of nature with his brush, and presents his wildlife portfolio. He discusses his life’s journey and realization that he needed to pursue his passion for art full time.

Vision and Strategy for Artists

In Part 1 of her guest blog on Artsy Shark, Rhonda Schaller discusses alternative methods of exhibition, alternative spaces, and exhibition models, plus a business plan exercise.

Featured Artist Lucia Cullinane

Lucia Cullinane, an Irish artist, presents her colorful and charming portfolio of paintings. She discusses her life and inspiration.

Sell Your Art by Making a Connection

Strategies for artists to make a better connection with their buyers. Discussion of themes and niche markets.

A Guide to Art Licensing & Publishing

Jan Weiss, author of ebook “The CoExistence of Art and Money” presents an excerpt from the book which discusses art publishing and artists self-publishing their work.

Fine Art becomes Rug Design

Painter Danielle Grinnen has launched her career by turning her art into rug designs. She is associated with Good Weave, which assures buyers that rugs are made by artisans who receive honest wages, and no child labor is used. She discusses her career, strategies and marketing.