Featured Artist Shanlin Ye

I make use of washes to form an abundance of effects. I am fascinated by the fluidity and ungoverned nature of watercolor. I enjoy watching the water and the color dancing on paper.

Featured Artist Ruth Armitage

Painting for me has become a kind of salve for loss. My sense of the place amounts to more than the soil, the landscape, the house or the people. It is some magical concoction of all of them, wrapped in history, secrecy and love.

Featured Artist Anita Marci

I decided to make a change nearly twenty years later when I became a fine art instructor. I was grateful to be able to give back to other artists as I shared my talents and experiences.

Featured Artist Eddie Bruckner

My artwork is about having fun, bringing a smile to people’s faces and at the same time, providing a unique way of experiencing some of our most familiar objects, places, or people.

Featured Artist Carla Grace

I don’t just want to create art that looks good in a home, but art that has a presence in a room, that embodies the subject in a way that allows you to experience the art work as an interactive meeting.

Featured Artist Ken Vrana

I never paint for a particular audience, I often creating paintings that seem to defy any established category. Instead, I paint what inspires me and hope that collectors will find my work worthy of their attention.

Featured Artist Ashley Cassens

In my own studio practice I need to make paintings that feel like writing a letter. As a millennial that is constantly connected, I long for spaces where I can disconnect and have a sensory experience.

Featured Artist Jayne Rolinson

I love to layer my paintings, activating the canvas with bold and intricate brush strokes and weaving poetic words, hopes and dreams into the painting. It’s like a rhythmic dance of the creative mind at play.

Featured Artist Roberta London

I always see a flower or tree that surprises me, either because of its breathtaking beauty or because it is something not usually seen.

Featured Artist Evgeniya Guneva

I find pleasure in touching glass, experimenting with it and waiting for the furnace to cool down to see the results. My works are meant for those who enjoy their homes being places of spiritual treasures.

Featured Artist Shelley Heffler

I am interested in the impact humans have on the land, the environment and the earth. Abstraction is the language I use to generate imagery and concepts of shifting boundaries of society and politics.

Featured Artist Steve Paulsen

Much of my work deals with optical illusions of space and relationships of color, as well as the reaction of patterns on the eye.

Featured Artist Darcy J. Sears

The human form is my inspiration—my compositions celebrate our imperfections and I find beauty in physical shapes. I often introduce mythical touches by integrating classical Greek forms with my own personal style.

Featured Artist Jane Caminos

Now that I’m an artist activist with On Women Bound as my life’s work, I’ve come to believe that as artists it’s our responsibility to use our talent to change the world for the better.