Featured Artist Lynda Sauls

Artist Lynda Sauls presents a heartfelt collection of paintings that celebrate nature, life and diversity.

Featured Artist Lee Muslin

Abstract artist Lee Muslin shares a spontaneous process of painting colorful works filled with creative energy.

Featured Artist Richard Laurenzi

Inspired by the classic shapes and themes of ancient history, artist Richard Laurenzi creates terracotta sculpture to capture the imagination.

Featured Artist Cynthia Chartier

Painter Cynthia Chartier presents a fascinating collection of contemporary figurative works inspired by a love for cubism.

Featured Artist Francis Demaske

Artist Francis Demaske shares an exquisite portfolio of architecturally inspired paintings and landscapes in his distinctive colorful style.

Featured Artist Kim Evans

Jewelry designer Kim Evans presents a stunning selection of wearable art made with sterling silver, gemstones and pearls.

Featured Artist Gabriela Farias

Artist Gabriela Farias presents a striking selection of contemporary sculptural wall art from her latest series.

Featured Artist Carol-Ann Michaelson

Featured artist Carol-Ann Michaelson creates ethereal abstract paintings with complex layers and surfaces. Enjoy her portfolio.

Featured Artist Jenni Rogers

Australian artist Jenni Rogers creates delightfully whimsical art that celebrates good food and dining out. Enjoy her work!

Featured Artist Nanette Moss

Inspired by the natural world, painter Nanette Moss creates abstract and botanical paintings filled with color and life

Featured Artist Wayne Anthony Rice

Enjoy the mesmerizing portfolio of photographer Wayne Anthony Rice, who shares a collection of works from his Artificial Reality series.

Featured Artist Thyra Moore

Featured artist Thyra Moore presents a dynamic collection of colorful, textural mixed media abstract works.

Featured Artist Sonaly Gandhi

Indian artist Sonaly Gandhi presents a selection of colorful contemporary paintings that delight the eye. Enjoy her portfolio.

Featured Artist Mark Rafter

Artist Mark Rafter shares a fascinating collection of boldly textured and vibrantly colored abstract sculpture.