Featured Artist William Nourse

As an artist, I am drawn to strong graphic elements in a scene, things like jagged mountains against the sky or fracture patterns in ice, and desert landscapes help to strip compositions down to those essentials–line, value and texture and their relationships with each other.

Featured Artist Steven Lester

My personal style has been intentionally developed to be a loose, expressive method that allows me to interpret the emotion and movement of the moment. Some call it contemporary impressionism or even representational expressionism.

Featured Artist Teresa Smith

Beginning with thin layers of oily warm transparent hues then mutating into thick painterly brush marks. The paintings take weeks to finish with each layer stamping the recollection of that day’s walk. I work on five to ten paintings on any given day and allow the pieces to unfold in a contemplate manner.

Featured Artist Carrie Cook

I’ve been deeply involved in organizations such as Artists for Conservation and Artists Against Extinction. The animals I’ve painted may be endangered, marginalized, or used by humans for food, entertainment, clothing, etc.

Featured Artist Peter Michel

The rainbow colors I use symbolize both diversity and inclusion. The positions show the figures supporting each other. The circle, totem, and structure are formal devices that facilitate a unified composition of many elements and symbolize the unity of purpose that characterizes this community.

Featured Artist Shane Conroy

At this exciting stage of my career, I’m extremely energetic, confident and inspired by a wellspring of ideas and have the ability to materialize and communicate them.

Featured Artist Elizabeth Fontaine-Barr

My muses are the Fauvists so my color palette is bold. It always has been. When I begin a new canvas, I’m not always sure what I’m going to paint.

Featured Artist Kim Goldfarb

The expression on the sitter’s face is often what attracts me. In many of my paintings a lone woman stares directly at the viewer. The only narrative in the painting is with the viewer. These women want to engage us, to be seen and understood.

Featured Artist Bart Keagy

My images blend the two to create visually appealing photographs using the stunning views I see every day along the coast inspiring those who view them with a very up close and personal touch.

Featured Artist Nano Sfera

In my paintings, I find I am most interested in circular formats which I sometimes elaborate. The circle is very attractive to me. This is partly because it is a traditional symbol of perfection, but also because of its serenity and its cyclical rhythm which is so characteristic of natural processes.

Featured Artist Cheryl Rezendes

There is an energy and passion that flows from the tips of my paint laden brushes, that rises up from the surface of the painted and printed cloth, emerges from the needle and thread then travels through my hands and onto the art piece in progress.

Featured Artist Mitch Madsen

I don’t consider myself a fantasy artist, or a science fiction artist per se. The science, design, and physics have to have a basis in reality. My biggest thrill is to create something that, hopefully, has never been seen or done before.

Featured Artist Stevie Love

I blur the boundary between us the viewer and the relationship we usually have to painting as a pictorial metaphor, instead bringing paint to us as its own reason for being.

Featured Artist Kathy Moore Wilson

My current focus is in painting animals, both pets and wildlife. Whether I paint animals or children, I always imagine a story. I sometimes like to imagine what they are thinking, or what they are about to do, or what they just did.