Featured Artist Lisa Welcher

Featured ceramic artist Lisa Welcher presents a collection of delightful handbuilt vessels inspired by ocean life.

Featured Artist John Wesley

Mixed media artist John Wesley presents a compelling collection of boldly colorful abstract paintings inspired by feelings.

Featured Artist Grace Marquez

Featured artist Grace Marquez explores the fascinating underwater realm in paintings based on scuba diving experiences.

Featured Artist David Charity

Enjoy the charming portfolio of fiber artist David Charity, who combines traditional skills with contemporary humor.

Featured Artist Kara Young

Featured mixed media artist Kara Young draws inspiration from the culture and land of her home state of New Mexico.

Featured Artist Hariclia Michailidou

Digital artist Hariclia Michailidou presents a collection of abstracts inspired by deep space and faraway galaxies.

Featured Artist Carol Roark

Painter Carol Roark shares a beautifully classic portfolio of landscapes that captures the spirit of the South.

Featured Artist Ksenija Kostic Pecaric

Printmaker Ksenija Kostic Pecaric presents a stunning series of linocuts inspired by Hebrew calligraphy and Biblical figures.

Featured Artist Tina Birch Chimenti

Featured artist Tina Birch Chimenti shares a collection of fascinating and complex narrative paintings in oil and acrylics.

Featured Artist Donald Hill

Fine art photographer Donald Hill shares a collection of nature images focused on capturing the quality of light.

Featured Artist Dawn Miller

Artist  Dawn Miller presents a collection of landscape oil paintings that are a visual delight.

Featured Artist Suzy French

Australian painter Suzy French shares a portfolio of contemporary landscapes created in her distinctive signature style.

Featured Artist Anne Burtt

Artist Anne Burtt presents a fascinating portfolio of fused glass artwork created using a complex process.

Featured Artist Janice Ecinja McCaskill

Enjoy the charming figurative portfolio of artist Janice Ecinja McCaskill, whose work delights the eye and heart.