Featured Artist Manny Martins-Karman

My work is often inspired by current events. Especially now, in the wake of the world’s unsteady political climate, I find myself trying to make sense of things through my art.

Featured Artist Siv Storøy

The essence of the female archetype remains a great mystery, and through my artwork I try to both reveal and maintain that mystery.

Featured Artist Mark Levin

The grain and beauty of the wood have little influence in the design of my work. I create with wood because of its intrinsic value, virility and quickness of execution.

Featured Artist John Bowen

The joy, and at the same time the letdown, of feelings whenever I finish a piece, never fails to amaze me. I can’t imagine doing anything else in my life. I will probably die with a paint brush in my hand.

Featured Artist Barbara Burns

Tapestry weaving allows me to construct an image, integral with the cloth, exhibiting a depth of color and texture I feel I can achieve no other way. The tactile experience of working with fiber, along with the richness of the woven surface, excites and drives me as I watch images emerge while I weave.

Featured Artist Guenevere Schwien

The paintings represent our mind, filled with twisting negative and positive thoughts, dark wires being the constraints put on us by negative thinking, and sparkling lights to guide us and give us hope.

Featured Artist Gale Rothstein

Through the creation of assemblage and collage, the parameters of context are wide open; I create fantasy worlds that incorporate references to Dada and Surrealism, historical content, and through juxtaposition of contrasting elements, prompt the viewer the question relationships to scale, location, and relativity.

Featured Artist Earthstone Chu

Each person has their own unique view of life. I hope my art can be used as a bridge through which everyone can freely go to own intuitive realm.

Featured Artist Randall David Tipton

I love these things—building an image through an experimental process of pouring, scraping, blotting and brushing on color until something with a kind of “truth” comes about. My intentions are less visual than emotional.

Featured Artist Dale Klein

I work on the edge of hyperrealism and abstraction. One of my goals as an artist is to make my work as interesting as possible, inviting the viewer to spend time with the work.

Featured Artist Joani Share

As I work with a variety of media, I am quite aware that while the media utilized is interesting, the imagery that I create is the message. My art is about the commonality of humanity.

Featured Artist Pierpaolo Catini

In my creative journey, I felt the need to create a thick surface in my artworks, something material that people can feel and touch.

Featured Artist Roldan West

I create art because inside, I am filled with the need to create. My thoughts and the creative force inside me are the windows to my soul which is, in essence, the focus of my life.

Featured Artist Stacy White

I’ve learned over time that visiting places as a photographer has taught me to realize that there is always beauty around us if you take the time to look close enough.