Featured Artist Kelly Quinn

So where does the art come in? I believe art is meant to connect you to a story. It’s also the way I express myself and how I interpret our world—my passion and what inspires the artwork has always been nature.

Featured Artist Andrea Alvin

My goal is to bring the viewer into the painting by evoking a sense of recognition and feeling, bringing them to a warm, fuzzy place.

Featured Artist Fabrice de Paola

My creations are expressive and hypnotic and they often fuse sexuality and temptation. They are a pictorial other-worldly universe between figurative and abstract in a disorganised order or an organised disorder depending on the mood and the viewpoint of the observer.

Featured Artist Paulapart Pino

Acoustics, the study of how sound and vibration pass through a space, became the new focus of my artistic pursuits so I started making acoustic sculptures.

Featured Artist Jeannette Sirois

At the same time, for me, art must also be about issues that have deeper meaning, ones directly connected with how we interact and treat each other. Issues of race and equality have been a prominent part of my work, and I often use words on figures to move the message along.

Featured Artist Valeriy Klamm

I visited exotic countries while I was heading big international photo-expeditions throughout Northern Asia. I finally learned that the most exiting discoveries are waiting for us nearby—sometimes right around the corner.

Featured Artist Carlos Mercado

My work is inspired by nostalgia and Caribbean iconography. I like to reinterpret the past and look at it with fresh eyes.

Featured Artist Lori Schinelli

When I worked with glass for the first time, my spirits lifted. I noticed that it seemed to reflect and refract light in a way reminiscent of the sun bouncing off the surface of the waves.

Featured Artist Ken Roberts

I am privileged and passionate about landscape painting, endeavouring to transform the two-dimensional canvas into a portal, drawing the observer into an ethereal world of emotional connections.

Featured Artist Sharon Sayegh

My paintings have layers of meaning and there is a lot of symbolism in them as well as narrative running through them. Inspiration is everywhere for me.

Featured Artist Robert Heller

I’ve found a balance between my sense of artistic freedom of expression and my scientific training as a physician. This balance continues today by fulfilling my two passions—working in medical research and sculpting.

Featured Artist Ruth Sharton

The “Deeper” paintings are meditations on this unity, and contemplate the intrinsic spiritual and energetic connection between the physical matter of our visible world as well as the non-visible realm of the metaphysical.

Featured Artist Sima Schloss

I get my inspiration from my own life experiences, but from my students as well. Getting to know them and listening to their stories of their history of immigration situations gives me so many ideas.

Featured Artist Lola Sandino Stanton

For me, painting is a slow process. Yet there is an exhilaration that comes from achieving an intimacy with my subject. It requires careful perception of how and where the light falls on the structure of the face or the flower.