Featured Artist Bill Farran

I love the power of black and white. As an artist, I have to give the appearance of gray tones, while using only black and white. I also love adding color by printing more than one block.

Featured Artist Fleur Spolidor

My work is about ordinary moments in life that become extraordinary, the sublimation that happens with the addition of disrupting elements. They slip into the image as in life, without noise in order to make you realize the fragility of the moment.

Featured Artist Peter Seltzer

I love the challenge of combining elements painted from life with those painted from my imagination. Over time and with experience I have developed the ability to see in my mind’s eye how invented forms would behave in the same source of light as those elements painted from life.

Featured Artist Laurie Snow Hein

Ten years ago, I made a decision to focus on what I love, painting my home state and the magic that is uniquely Florida. I want to share all the beauty surrounding me.

Featured Artist Michele Poirier-Mozzone

The paintings are not about anyone in particular, but about capturing a common experience, memory or idea. Most of us have experienced the sound of bubbles rushing past our ears, the broken ribbons of sunlight, bizarre reflections and the weightless, slow dance of movement below the surface.

Featured Artist Isabella Martire

During the painting process I try to capture their likeness in a photorealistic manner. I take my time—I am never rushed—I want my portraits to reflect my love and respect for the people with whom I share a very important journey.

Featured Artist Karla Reid

As a child, pouring my thoughts and emotions into my art acted as a means for survival. It was a way to express myself when I could not speak about the things that were going on around me.

Featured Artist Susan Melrath

When I paint, I am exploring color, texture, and patterns, and how they relate. Each painting begins with layers of pure color and grows through a process of glazing, sanding, adding, and subtracting.

Featured Artist Dorothy Fagan

Taking dictation from the Creator, I learned to accept each brush stroke as a gift. Not to mess with it but to accept it as gift given, however imperfect it may appear.

Featured Artist Aleta Gudelski

I try to infuse my paintings with the passion and love I feel towards nature and creation. I do this through dynamic composition, juxtaposition of bold brush and palette knife work, textural passages and notes of unexpected color.

Featured Artist Martein Peeters

For many painters the naked body was and still is the ultimate object of study. Nothing is as complex as the organic shapes and colour nuances of the human skin of a posing body.

Featured Artist Lisa Cunningham

Pastels are so wonderfully tactile and allow me to draw fine details or lay in large blocks of color. Textured patterns or smooth transitions, there really are no limits to what this medium will allow me to create.

Featured Artist Diane Weiner

My cow series represents sixteen years of exploration of bovines—studying their personalities, interactions, general nature and anatomy. I complement my decades-long classical training in the style of the Great Masters with more abstract colors to drive an emotional response from the viewer.

Featured Artist Don Rankin

I think this is a great time to be a watercolor painter for we have so many wonderful toys from which to choose—new paints, new paper and the like.