Featured Artist Debbie Mueller

Artist Debbie Mueller uses a strong contrast of light and shadow in her eye-catching landscapes and still life paintings.

Featured Artist John Domont

Artist John Domont presents a portfolio of work that interprets the human experience.

Featured Artist Maria Stella Quezada

Artist Maria Syella Quezada presents a delightful collection of paintings that capture nature in all its shimmering glory and color.

Featured Artist Trish Mitchell

South African artist Trish Mitchell presents a collection of oil paintings that express the ethereal and delicate beauty of flowers.

Featured Artist Regina Davis

Artist Regina Davis presents a series of poignant and emotionally dynamic portraits of women.

Featured Artist Natalie George

Artist Natalie George’s colorful abstract paintings capture the delicate beauty of nature.

Featured Artist Fayne Muldoon

Artist Fayne Muldoon paints delightfully appealing landscapes in her own distinctive style.

Artist Showcase, Winter 2022

Twenty talented artists contributed favorite pieces of their work for our newest Winter Showcase.

Featured Artist Jacinto González Foncerrada

Artist Jacinto González Foncerrada (JASSO) combines realism with imagination in his Intertwining Worlds series. View more of his portfolio on his website.     I pride myself in creating paintings inspired by emotions and derived in my imagination.     I was born in Mexico City and have exhibited my artwork internationally in Mexico, London, […]

Featured Artist Alan Ansell

Painter Alan Ansell brings an open, light-filled expanse of nature to his landscapes and urban street scenes.

Featured Artist Stephanie Holman Thwaites

Artist Stephanie Holman Thwaites offers a serene collection of nature-inspired paintings, created with oil and cold wax.

Featured Artist Ju Oshiro

Artist Ju Oshiro presents a stunning portfolio of portraits and figurative oil paintings.

Featured Artist Eileen Terrell

Artist Eileen Terrell’s dynamic collection of landscape oil paintings contrasts sunlight and shadow.

Featured Artist Mira M White

Artist Mira M White creates expressive abstract mixed media paintings that incorporate storytelling.