The Abstract World

Abstract art is an expression of shape, color, line and form whose imagery often departs from visual reality. These artists approach their art in unique and varied ways, creating a language of their own to describe their take on altered reality. Click on each name to view their website.


"Window" by Marisa D. Aceves. See her portfolio by visiting

Marisa D. Aceves

I document the hidden life of everyday objects to help others see the beauty, wonder and possibility that surrounds them.


"Tapestry" by Penny Beesley. See her portfolio by visiting

Penny Beesley

I begin with the looseness of abstract painting, layered with some collage elements and then mark making. When something interesting happens, I interact again to bring cohesion and closure. Color and motion are essential.


"Little Roses" by Ron Harris. See his portfolio by visiting

Ron Harris

“Little Roses”—lemon yellow, fiery orange, cherry red—a joyful abstraction. Less emotional, more realistic. An enjoyable change, working on a flat canvas, concentrating on pure color fields, sharp edges, no blending. My challenge? Creating such vibrant colors.


"Power of Seed" by Ronald L. Story. See his portfolio by visiting

Ronald Story

My paintings are an open invitation to ignite viewer’s emotional response to bold and colorful compositions and imaginary journeys, and to celebrate the abundance of an idealized natural world we all have inside of us.


Gilad Ophir

Over the recent years, I concentrate on developing new and autonomous processes of photographic work that combine notions of abstractions with the materiality of objects. My works refer to local culture but hold a dialogue with the history of art and photography at large.


Painting by Manny Martins-Karman. See her portfolio by visiting

Manny Martins-Karman

Unadorned abstractions that fill the emptiness that demands to be filled—intuitive, joyful and spontaneous, with the absence of reality. I make paintings that take time to unfold, they can’t be glanced at or be walked past quickly.


Painting by Joyce Pommer. See her portfolio by visiting

Joyce Pommer

My paintings evolve out of my subconscious in a free-flowing intuitive process. This creation makes people feel good and instills positive emotions and harmony, along with a curiosity to free the mind and spirit.


"Open Every Door" by Lynn Rattray. See her portfolio by visiting

Lynn Rattray

“Open Every Door,” inspired by Emily Dickinson’s poetry, is an example of the joy I find interpreting poems through abstract art. Beneath the surface of poetic style and words lies my inspiration.


"Elusive" by Gill Bustamante. See his portfolio by visiting

Gill Bustamante

I paint large semi-abstract landscapes and seascapes that are painted mostly from memory after having visited somewhere beautiful and wanting to capture some of the essence of the place. They are often slightly mystical, expressionistic or art nouveau in style.


"Joys Garden" by Dorothy Fagan. See her portfolio by visiting

Dorothy Fagan

After my mother died, my dreams became lucid. My mother, who encouraged me to paint, sew and see my world as a garden guided me through dreams and paintings.


"Dismantled" by Dominique McKenzie. See her portfolio by visiting

Dominique McKenzie

When mixing reality and abstract, I let the experimentation decide what the outcome of the piece will be. I build randomly, following my instincts with no restraint, then proceed with subtraction until I end up with only the suggestion of my original idea. It is a labor of love.


"At the Turning" by Cameron Schmitz. See her portfolio by visiting

Cameron Schmitz

I am fascinated by the imagery that emerges from the physical and emotive act of painting itself—dashes of paint, gestural strokes, and rhythmic painterly marks are representative of human touch, personal exchange, energy, and the shifting of time.


Painting by Cindy Eeson. See her portfolio by visiting

Cindy Eeson

Abstraction inspires our curiosity to see what hides behind reality. Everything we see hides something else. I paint to expose and celebrate both the hidden and the unhidden.


Painting by Clive Littin. See his portfolio by visiting

Clive Littin

The thrill of the abstract world for me is that I never know what the finished result will look like! I am driven by bold colour, surprise and the desire to uplift and perhaps inspire.


"Burst" by Emily Magone. See her portfolio by visiting

Emily Magone

My abstract work is focused on an exploration of color and allowing organic material interaction. I hope to induce a feeling within the viewer of open-hearted expansion and connection to every living thing.


"Yesterday, When We Were Young" by Gina Cochran. See her portfolio by visiting

Gina Cochran

My work visually represents my emotional responses to every day experiences. It is intuitive and process driven, a dialogue of action and reaction. It comes from a place of gratitude, joy and resolution.


"Unraveling V" by Maria Bjorkdahl. See her portfolio by visiting

Maria Bjorkdahl

I use a visual language of biomorphic abstraction with bodily connotations. Using oil on manipulated canvas, the ground moves from a place of quiet support to center stage.


"Where Do We Go From Here" by Kim Roberts. See her portfolio by visiting

Kim Roberts

Art is my refuge—a sacred place to explore the abstract world of feelings and ideas. I make encaustic wax monotypes, then embellish with graphite or ink to reveal a snapshot of the present moment.


Painting by Nancy Drigotas. See her portfolio by visiting

Nancy Drigotas

I am an abstractionist with a fondness for expressionism. My intent is to let the painting tell me where to go with it. This piece is ink and acrylic on panel.


"The Dancer" by Barbara L. Storey. See her portfolio by visiting

Barbara L. Storey

Most of my abstracts start from pure experimentation. This one grew slowly until I saw the dancer— movement in abstract form, all joy and light and exuberant expression—and I knew it was done.


"Natural Networks" by Shirley Williams. See her portfolio by visiting

Shirley Williams

My multi-layered, organic abstract paintings are inspired by the textures and energies of nature. Instead of painting what I see, I rely on my impressions of unseen natural networks at an intuitive, sensing level.


Painting by Vanessa Sharp Multon. See her portfolio by visiting

Vanessa Sharp Multon

I mainly work in acrylics, often adding touches of 24K gold leaf. To create my abstract and semi-abstract landscapes, I frequently pair impasto palette knife painting with smooth, blended brushstrokes.


"A Night of Dark Dreams" by Richard Salamanca. See his portfolio by visiting

Richard Salamanca

I love dreaming. Even bad dreams fascinate me. As dreams are often surreal in their nature, they seem the perfect subject for abstraction. I created this image in Photoshop using freehand drawing and clip art.


Painting by Elizabeth Weber. See her portfolio by visiting

Elizabeth Weber

Creating vibrancy through my use of color, and a connection to the life force within myself and those around me, I intersect the work and the viewer’s perception, transforming each work into a living mirror.



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  1. Wow! These are lovely pictures. I feel like they are speaking to my emotions. The art of Kim Robert really captured my attention. I love the expression of colors and the touch of contemporary art. They are simply lovely.

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