Artist Showcase Late Fall 2019

Enjoy our Showcase featuring the work of fifteen artists working in a wide variety of mediums and styles. Click on each artist’s name to learn more about them.


Pastel of a bird over the ocean by John Held

“Solo Flight” Pastel, 20″ x 16″ by Artist John Held


John Davis Held

My work is known for having a strong sense of light and peace. I love the richness of pigment that my work in pastels have, and the subtleties of glazes in my oil paintings.


Mixed media sculpture with light by Zhava Sherez

“Man 1″ (From the Series InBodied Light) Mixed Media with Polymer and Light, 3″ x 24″ x 3” by Artist Zahava Sherez


Zahava Sherez

Being multicultural and influenced by many traditions and by immigrants’ struggles, I learned that the light that connects us to all and everything is vaster than what divides us. That is my influence for this work.


"Reconnaissance" Digital, 18"  x  11" by Artist Jeremy Kiraly

“Reconnaissance” Digital, 18″ x 11″ by Artist Jeremy Kiraly


Jeremy Kiraly

Conflict and chaos are often the motivations for my work. I seek to evoke and explore uncomfortable and hopeful perceptions within myself and perhaps others.


Abstract Acrylic and mixed media painting of the sun through trees by Connie Rodriguez

“When Heaven and Earth Meet” Acrylic and Mixed Media, 24″ x 30″ x 1.5″ by Artist Connie Rodriguez


Connie Rodriguez

I do not paint what I see, but rather how “it” felt in the moment. I take my emotional response from that place in time into the studio to capture and create an intriguing story.


Abstract oil and acrylic painting by Ellenb Hausner

“Inner Space” Oil and Acrylic on Canvas, 16″ x 14″ by Artist Ellen Hausner


Ellen Hausner

My work explores the themes of evolution, transmutation and transformation. I aim to give visual form to the forces of nature, allowing deeply hidden elements of the psyche to come to light through an image.


bronze sculpture of rays swimming

“The Fever” bronze sculpture, 31” x 15.5” x 13” by Artist Judy Salinsky


Judy Salinsky

“The Fever” expresses the grace and beauty of the rays I have encountered while scuba diving in the Pacific. These creatures are truly the ballet dancers of the sea, gliding along effortlessly as their sunlit wings cast larger than life shadows across the ocean floor.


Photograph of a flower by Carol Wontkowski

“Fading Beauty 2″ Photography, 6.75″ x 9” by Artist Carol Wontkowski


Carol Wontkowski

I can often “feel” what the light on a subject or object is trying to say to the camera. There is an emotional connection to the images I capture.


Found object assemblage by Dave Kwinter

“Lattice” Found Object Assemblage, 18.5″ x 19″ x 7″ by Artist Dave Kwinter


Dave Kwinter

In the past, I have focused on painting and computer art. During the past twelve months, however, I have developed a keen interest in making assemblage, where I combine found objects in interesting ways.


Painting of horses grazing in a meadow by Elise Nicely

“Grazing in the Grass” Acrylic on Canvas, 24″ x 18″ by Artist Elise Nicely


Elise Nicely

Painting life’s transitory moments to share with my viewers is the overarching goal of my art. The world around me is my inspiration. Landscapes, seascapes and floral displays are the subjects of my work.


Paper Mache sculpture of a quail by Nancy Overton

“Quail” Papier mâché, 6″ Tall by Artist Nancy Overton


Nancy Overton

I make papier mâché birds by forming wire armatures, covering them with newspaper, and “decorating” them with a variety of colored papers. The hand-formed wire frames and the paper choices make each bird unique.


Fiber wall hanging of hummingbirds by Jenna Pynn

“Hummingbirds on Barbwire” Fiber Wall Hanging, 25″ x 30″ by Artist Jenna Pynn


Jenna Pynn

My fabric quilted work, from wearable art to wall hangings, are inspired by nature in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Color and texture fascinate me the most.


Abstract painting by Jeff Lipman

“Strand 7″ Oil on Canvas, 48″ x 40” by Artist Jeff Lipman


Jeff Lipman

I love to create paintings that celebrate depth of color, shifting form and tactile quality. I want them to be an abstract window on the wall. It’s fun to hear what others see inside them.


digital paper collage of a sock monkey wedding by Janet Carlson

“Sock Monkey Wedding” Digital Paper Collage, Various Sizes by Artist Janet Carlson


Janet Carlson

My digital paper collage is a juxtaposition where my fashion design and quilting background meet up with Photoshop. This contemporary folk art is influenced by the multicultural diversity in South Florida.


Oil landscape painting of a rural scene by Deb Bergren

“Windy Hills and Winding Road” Oil on Canvas, 11″ x 14″ by Artist Deb Bergren


Deb Bergren

My postings of this painting on Instagram and Facebook drew many compliments on the subject and my simplistically detailed rendering. Most of my work is in this style, whatever the subject.


Abstract painting by Jennifer Keeney Bleeg

“Sparkle” Acrylic on Canvas, 40″ x 40″ by Artist Jennifer Keeney Bleeg


Jennifer Keeney-Bleeg

My abstract, landscape and still life art aim to capture moments in time and within daydreams by focusing on the colors, moods, scents and textures that cement these moments in our minds.


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