Partnering High End Real Estate and Art

by Carolyn Edlund

Art and luxury properties can be a good mix. This realtor works with artists to make sales of both.


High-end Miami Luxury Property with Britto Mural

A high-end Miami Beach property featuring artwork by Romero Britto


Miami Beach realtor Sandra Debuire has made over $70 million in property sales in the last 4 years. She specializes in high-end luxury real estate, and has devised ways to make each property appeal to affluent buyers.

Growing up in Paris with a mother who was a talented painter, Debuire acquired an appreciation for art and a connection with the creative community. Now she sources local South Florida artists to help transform properties into showcases while promoting the artists at the same time.

“I have a lot of respect for artists and I understand the way they work,” she says. “Some are very good at marketing; others just work with passion and need a bit of help. I use the art to enhance properties I have for sale, giving them life so they stand out among thousands of condos and houses on the market.”

At the same time, she highlights the artists she works with, introducing them to clients who are also art lovers and collectors. Open house events may feature fashion shows of wearable art for sale, or a cocktail party with live music where artists can mix with a well-to-do crowd in a social setting. At one time, she collaborated with a clothing artist who did a photo shoot in one of her listings. “Whenever I can help artists by exposing or promoting them through my network and my business, I do,” Debuire says.


Portraits by artist Gavin Rain in a real estate setting

Portraits by Miami artist Gavin Rain are focal points in an upscale property for sale.


Miami’s vibrant art scene is a natural fit for her business. The local Wynwood Art District is filled with colorful street art, graffiti and murals. Debuire has taken that concept to a new level by commissioning artists to paint murals in high-end homes.

Recently, Debuire hired local artist Ola Kalnins to create a rooftop mural for an upscale penthouse. She had a video shot of the work in progress, as well as impressive interior art in the apartment to attract buyers. She sent personal invitations to top real estate professionals to attend a preview at the property to view the mural and her listing during the week of Art Basel. The penthouse subsequently sold.



Art lovers who are drawn to the area connect with her ability to create a special atmosphere, and she is always looking for opportunities to do so. “I have a very expensive apartment for sale right now,” says Debuire. “But it had no soul, and I expected buyers to feel nothing. The owners gave me the freedom to stage it with colors and art. There is a way to use art combined with the gorgeous view that enables me to make it magical.”

What is her advice for artists who would like to partner with realtors in their own area? “If an artist wants to know realtors who might be willing to use their work, they need to target agents who are selling luxury properties such as penthouses and mansions” she explains. “They should make sure that professional photographs of their work in the property are taken to use in their own marketing. High-end buyers are often art lovers as well, and they may buy work they see staged in the home.”

Debuire has built a strong reputation for blending the art world with luxury real estate. She says, “I want my listings to stand out as being some of the top properties. Art is what makes me vibrate. I always try to incorporate as much as I can, and it makes me happy. When you are positive and happy, you attract the same. I do everything with passion and love. The customer, agent and everyone I work with loves that.”


Artist credit: Romero Britto, Gavin Rain, Ola Kalnins



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  1. “Sandra Debuire’s success is truly impressive! Her unique approach of blending luxury real estate with artistry not only enhances property appeal but also supports the local creative scene. Kudos to her for creating a win-win situation for both buyers and artists. 🎨🏙️ #LuxuryRealEstate #ArtfulLiving”

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