A Useful Tool for Artists: Color911 App

by guest blogger Amy Wax

The Color911 app is a valuable tool for creative-minded people in many ways.


color palette app

Color themes generated by the Color911 app


At first glance, the Color911 app provides color inspiration and captures colors out of an image, but how are these features used? Read on to see how this app is incredibly useful for anyone in the art world.

Starting your creative process:

A great way to begin a planned work of art is to create a palette of colors and use it as your guide. Imagine knowing what color you want to work with. You may be creating a series of pieces to complement each other or choosing colors to inspire an interior designer or potential client. Starting with a color palette to use as your guide serves both you and your customer.

As a design tool:

Working on a commission? This app can pull colors from a piece of fabric, match the décor or match a paint color. This guides your use of colors in the artwork, a priceless tool for both designer and artist. This brings together the colors of the artwork and the environment it appears in, which will make it look it’s best.


Palette pulled from abstract painting

This palette was created by the Color911 app from an abstract painting


Color Inspiration:

The app comes with almost 100 color themes already built in and adds new ones regularly to keep it fresh. Each theme displays colors that complement each other beautifully. Whether you are early in the creative process or well on your way, make your visual medium more appealing by choosing colors that are harmonious.

Selling your skills:

Imagine you are in discussion with a client who likes a color or family of colors. Use the color themes to find a palette that inspires both you and the client. Whatever color makes them happy, you can find several themes to inspire you that have that color in it. And once you know which colors you will be using, you can create pieces of artwork to suite the client’s needs.

Filter your search:

Looking to find a palette that shares a color like red or blue? Tap the three dots in the upper right of the app to narrow down your search through the color themes. This enables you to quickly find the color theme that both fits your needs and inspires you.


color palette from Color911 app

Color themes can be pulled from interior decor to provide inspiration


When the client determines the colors:

Sometimes a client or designer has colors they need to appear in your artwork, so your piece is just what they need. Let them create a color palette and send you the colors they love. Use those colors for inspiration and their palette will be your guide. It’s a win-win, knowing your piece will be an exact match to the design they are creating!

The designer can also photograph the mood board or design they are creating. Then they can pull the colors out of it and share their colors with you so that you can create a piece of art to complement their design beautifully.

Library of your pieces:

By saving your artwork with the color swatches retrieved from each image, it becomes a library of pieces that the designer can use. That shows the designer the colors that go along with (and compliment) each piece.

Creating a larger audience:

Looking to show your artwork in places like galleries, restaurants and hotels? Take a photo of your artwork and pull the colors out by creating color swatches. Show your client all the colors that can be used alongside your artwork so both the space and your pieces look amazing.


Color swatches pulled from existing artwork

The app pulled these color swatches from a work of art


A gallery’s best friend:

There are several ways a gallery will find the app to be very useful. Imagine a gallery is showing a piece of art or the work of an artist to a potential buyer. They can take a photo of a painting and retrieve the colors to create a color palette that relates directly to the artwork. This shows them what colors to use to compliment the piece (wall colors for where the artwork is displayed) or show the artwork among a selection of colors that will show the artwork in its best light to market the piece to sell.

Galleries often create a visual library of artwork they are representing. Capture each image and save the colors so that they can show potential buyers the artwork and complimentary colors within each piece.

Create your own look, your own vibe!

Are you a fabric designer? Graphic and logo designer? Color is a priceless part of your creative process. Create your own color palette of your project and share it with those who are supporting your endeavor. Let’s say you are creating a piece or series of pieces that have a particular style. You can create the color palette to represent your work and market yourself to offer pieces with this visual direction.

A simpler way of describing this concept, would be if you are creating a series of pieces in colors that reflect the Mid-Century Modern color palette. You can create a color palette that you are working with and use it for the inspiration or visual representation to show off your work!


Color swatches from an area rug

Color swatches from this area rug offer design ideas


Art Licensing Portfolios

Developing an art licensing portfolio is all about marketing your artwork. A brand that is visually appealing will boost your sales. Using a color palette that is inviting to potential buyers can make or break the sale of your portfolio. Create your own color palette or use the color themes for inspiration. The app gives you many ways to show off your portfolio. Choose colors you love to make your work look it’s very best.

Your social media presence:

Do you work with specific colors or want to have a look all your own? Use your own color palette as a guide for website design, logo design or for the look of your online accounts. Choosing your own colors puts you in control of your media personality, compliments your artwork and gives your social presence a look all your own.

Available anytime you need it:

The beauty of this app is that it’s always available on your phone, and ready whenever you need it. It’s  available for both iOS and android devices. Whether you are in your studio, in a gallery or even an art supply store, you have the app with you to open up for inspiration and direction, anytime, anywhere!


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