4 Ways Booth Signage can Draw a Crowd

In a crowded show, how can you stand out? Signage is a great way to grab attention and make a statement.

Selling Wholesale as a Business Model

How artists and makers can take advantage of wholesaling, which is a sustainable business model that can help grow their sales.

Taking Buy/Sell Merchandise Out of Art and Craft Fairs

Carroll witnessed an exhibitor drive from a show at the end of the day to refill their merchandise from the back of a semi, stocked with goods from China which were being sold as handcrafted American work.

How to Sell Your Work to Museum Stores

Selling art and craft to museum shops is very different than working with traditional galleries and stores.

Who is Really Celebrating Artists?

Items pouring in from China undercut the prices and livelihoods of American entrepreneurs, as well as knocking off artists who design and produce in this country. Having items produced overseas kills American jobs – that’s a fact.