Design a Captivating Display

Design your display as the perfect space to show your art using these merchandising tips.

How to Wholesale Your Work to Major Retailers

Some chains have corporate headquarters where buyers will meet with vendors or their representatives to place orders for distribution nationally, or make purchases for large regions of the country.

Selling Art in the Wholesale Marketplace

Fine artists can take advantage of opportunities to wholesale their work. Here’s how.

Selling One-of-a-Kind Art at Wholesale

Even though each sculpture is individual, he does take orders for similar sculptures with the same theme. However, they will have different fabrics and details.

Selling Wholesale as a Business Model

How artists and makers can take advantage of wholesaling, which is a sustainable business model that can help grow their sales.

Make A Press Kit That Pops

Press rooms are often crowded with reporters, bloggers and freelancers looking for something exciting to write about, and they look to press kits for inspiration.

How to Ace Your Next Trade Show

Building a partnering relationship with your customer is an ideal scenario where both of your businesses will benefit.

The Power of Consultative Selling

Use your knowledge and experience to make recommendations that will help your customers purchase just the right piece that they will love.

Colorful Booth Design 2012

Today, booth design can be lightweight, easy to set up and have great impact using banners for backgrounds, and punching up the color. Here are three booths at four trade shows seen this year which pulled visitors in from the aisles.

Focus on Art Licensing at Surtex

Artists attend Surtex with the intention of meeting prospects to connect with for licensing opportunities. Manufacturers and others walk the show to find new fresh images that will appeal to their customers, to be used in product design.

The Art of Wholesaling

Selling wholesale is very stabilizing to a business. Imagine starting work on a Monday morning in your studio, knowing that everything you will make that week is already sold!

The Secrets of Retail and Wholesale Selling for Artists

I’m thrilled to have been asked to partner with Alyson Stanfield of Art Biz Coach fame in presenting two teleseminars this month about the business of art and craft.

How Artists Can Make an Effective Press Kit

What is a press kit? It’s a packaged set of promotional materials about you and your business that is distributed to members of the media in order to get exposure and publicity.

Want to Rock Your Art Business This Year? Start with Your Collection

As you consider how to grow your body of work, take a look at the big picture. Go into your design process knowing who your target customer is, what they buy and why your work will appeal to them.