Featured Artist Mona Agia

Artist and world traveler Mona Agia explores texture and intense color in her abstract paintings.

Featured Artist Jo Rankin

New Zealand artist Jo Rankin shares a selection of ethereal, layered abstract paintings.

Featured Artist Vanessa Rumaz

Artist Vanessa Rumaz creates dynamic mixed media paintings filled with unrestrained energy.

Featured Artist Donna McGee

Irish painter Donna McGee captures the rugged coastline and dramatic beauty of her homeland.

Featured Artist Hayelz

Digital artist Hayelz creates endangered animal portraits to share insight into the loss of biodiversity.

Featured Artist Marisabel Gonzalez

Mixed media artist Marisabel Gonzalez shares a collection of abstract paintings that draw from emotions and memories.

Featured Artist Winifred Potenza

Ceramic artist Winifred Potenza presents a portfolio of handbuilt and uniquely patterned “non-vessels” and vases.

Featured Artist Nila Onda

Photographer Nila Onda paints with light, capturing the ethereal beauty of flowers.

Featured Artist Sweetieboosh

Artist Sweetieboosh shares a mixed media collection of whimsical and highly decorative animal forms.

Featured Artist Emma Cavell

British artist Emma Cavell creates magical mosaics inspired by her love of gardens and nature.

Featured Artist Adam Hong

Artist Adam Hong presents a selection of dynamic photography that reflects his lifestyle, from urban center to coastal scenes.

Call for Artists, Summer 2022

Artsy Shark needs 48 artists in all mediums to feature and promote in the coming months. Submissions are currently being accepted. Deadline for entry is July 7, 2022.

Featured Artist Anita Williams

Artist Anita Williams presents a glorious, light-filled collection of landscape paintings.

Featured Artist Eric Saint Georges

Artist Eric Saint Georges captures the essence of the pose in his figurative sculpture and 2D mixed media drawings.