Featured Artist Leonie E Brown

South African artist Leonie Brown creates complex dreamlike paintings containing hidden messages.

Featured Artist Michael Hartstein

Artist Michael Hartstein shares a selection of vibrantly colorful paintings that display nature’s boundless beauty.

Featured Artist Matthew Paden

Artist Matthew Paden’s abstract expressionist portraits of iconic celebrities vibrate with color and energy.

Featured Artist Marli Thibodeau

Abstract expressionist painter Marli Thibodeau finds inspiration in nature and the experience of presence.

Featured Artist Robert Catapano

Painter Robert Catapano creates bold, expressive portraits using an intuitive approach. See more of his work on his Instagram page.     I don’t consider myself a true artist; just more of a painter. I’m not schooled—no Art101, color theory or art history—just self-taught. I just paint.     I’ve drawn, painted and sculpted for as […]

Featured Artist Vicki P. Maguire

Abstract expressionist painter Vicki P. Maguire offers joy, healing and hope with her colorful and richly textured abstract landscapes.

Featured Artist Victoria Cameron Glass

Abstract expressionist artist Victoria Cameron Glass creates colorful paintings on Plexiglas using reverse imaging.

Featured Artist Ute Bivona

Artist Ute Bivona presents a glorious portfolio filled with vibrant floral paintings.

Featured Artist Bindia Hallauer

Artist Bindia Hallauer offers a selection of abstract expressionist paintings inspired by life events. See more of her portfolio on her website.     I am a self-taught artist who paints in abstract expressionist style. Whenever an inner compulsion exists, I choose to honor the internal imperative.     I do not sketch prior to […]

Featured Artist Juanita Bellevance

Artist Juanita Bellevance presents a collection of peaceful and flowing expressionist abstract paintings. Visit her website to see more.     My favorite thing about making art is when I’m creating from my inner spirit. The result is art that my viewers have referred to as calming and mysterious.     Before I begin a […]

Featured Artist Katherine Greene

Artist Katherine Greene presents a collection of mindful abstract expressionist paintings brimming with vivid color and energy

Featured Artist Jodie Blaney

Stylized, whimsical landscapes by artist Jodie Blaney delight the senses with lush forms and energized line.

Featured Artist Julie Davis Veach

Artist Julie Davis Veach presents a portfolio of boldly colorful abstract paintings that promote a healing experience.

Featured Artist Veerle Coucke

Belgian artist Veerle Coucke presents a collection of boldly colorful and energetic portraits that reveal the emotions and moods of her subjects.