Featured Artist Bradley Pattison

Artist Bradley Pattison shares a fascinating life story and a portfolio of narrative paintings of familiar yet mysterious scenes.

Featured Artist Anže Ivanuš

Artist Anzi Ivanus shares a collection of  dreamlike paintings inspired by life experience, with hidden meanings and symbols.

Featured Artist Steven Fisher

Artist Steven Fisher presents a delightfully colorful collection of uplifting paintings inspired by nature.

Featured Artist France Benoit

Canadian artist France Benoit presents a series of encaustics inspired by the beauty and imperfection of life.

Featured Artist Qingzhu Lin

Painter Qingzhu Lin, on an artistic journey to find and express beauty, presents a striking portfolio of watercolor portraits.

Featured Artist Ellen Woods

Artist Ellen Woods presents a colorful collection of abstract works inspired by forays into nature and the inner mind.

Featured Artist Joseph Coventry

Enjoy the portfolio of mixed media artist Joseph Coventry, who presents a dynamic portfolio filled with wildly imaginative paintings.

Featured Artist Leah Wiedemer

Featured artist and oil painter Leah Wiedemer presents a captivating portfolio that portrays nostalgic scenes of childhood.

Featured Artist Carol Siskind

Featured artist and Manhattan-based abstract painter Carol Siskind presents a delightfully colorful portfolio of work.

Featured Artist Patrice Sullivan

Artist Patrice Sullivan shares a collection of paintings that resurrect family history and childhood memories.

Featured Artist Gabriela Cabeza

Featured artist Gabriela Cabeza presents an inspired collection of ethereal and spontaneous abstract paintings.

Featured Artist Ellen Honigstock

New York City artist Ellen Honigstock captures the sights of her hometown with a curious and humorous eye.

Featured Artist Salma Abdelaziz

Artist Salma Abdelaziz presents a collection of narrative paintings that celebrate women, pop culture and fashion.

Featured Artist Cena Hoban

Cena Hoban presents a bold and colorful portfolio of joyful abstract paintings inspired by spirituality and positive thinking.