The Art of Color & Texture

Artsy Shark asked some artist friends to share works that radiate color and texture. Click on each artist’s name to visit their website.


Artwork by Adam Lefevre. He is included in "The Art of Color & Texture" on


Adam Lefevre – My work utilizes a variety of vibrant and dull colors. These are used as a metaphor for all of the unique human personalities.


Artwork by Alahendra. She is included in "The Art of Color & Texture" on


AlahendraMy artwork is inspired by the human psyche; the kaleidoscope of emotions generated in our minds, the push and pull feeling of being weighed down mentally while looking for strength during an internal struggle.


Artwork by BJ Lantz. She is included in "The Art of Color & Texture" at


BJ LantzI adore the vibrancy of color and depth of texture cold wax medium and oil paint allow me to achieve in my work. The results never fail to surprise and delight me


Artwork by Christine Hager-Braun. She is included in "The Art of Color & Texture" at


Christine Hager-BraunAs a fiber artist, I create “paintings” out of fabric, thread and sometimes yarn. My work revolves mainly around silence and solitude as aspects of healing by creating a visual place for the viewer to rest and find inner peace.


Artwork by Cindy Beatteay. She is included in "The Art of Color & Texture" on


Cindy BeatteayI utilize metallics, inks, powdered pigments and solvents to building up layers. Then I apply a glassy resin finish. The result shimmers like sunshine reflecting off the tide pools.


Cornelius Timmer


Cornelius TimmerMy art is a state of affairs as much as it is a way forward. Using new techniques and plastic colors without overemphasizing them works for me.


Handmade hat by Heather Daveno. She is included in "The Art of Color & Texture" at


Heather Daveno – New hats handcrafted from old textiles! Inspired by historical and cultural influences, this Garden Cap is a fusion of Elizabethan and Russian elements, with a distinctive Pacific Northwest twist…


Artwork by Fritz Parise. He is included in "The Art of Color & Texture" at


Fritz Parise – Inspired by Jim Morrison, the layers and texture of the ripped and torn paper on canvas represent the many layers and textures of his music, personality and poetry.


Artwork by Ginger Del Rey. She is included in "The Art of Color & Texture" at


Ginger Del Rey – I paint confident, sexy women with a story to tell set in dreamy environments using oils on canvas. I love how this woman shines… captivating, isn’t she?


"True Colors" by Jone Vasaitis. Her work is included in "The Art of Color & Texture" at


Jone VasaitisI interweave symbolism or a secret message into each of my artworks, so it should be read as a separate book. For an artist, there is nothing more rewarding than the possibility to observe how the subconsciousness of that “reader” is awakened and the connection between the artwork and his own experience is discovered.


Artwork by Judy Hintz Cox. She is included in "The Art of Color & Texture" at


Judy Hintz CoxIf someone viewing my abstract expressive and minimal paintings escapes life’s sufferings for a moment, I have been successful as an artist.


Artwork by Mardell Rampton. She is included in "The Art of Color & Texture" at


Mardell Rampton – “Equilibrium 1″ is a textile painting, constructed using hand dyed and commercial cotton textiles. It features freehand cutting, batting, and backing. Further texture is injected with dense machine stitching.


Artwork by Mark Witzling. He is included in "The Art of Color & Texture" at


Mark WitzlingArt is my outlet to express deep passion for life… truly feeling alive. Oil and cold wax allows bold expression by building layers of strong colors and textural marks.


Artwork by Neena Buxani. She is included in "The Art of Color & Texture" at


Neena BuxaniI enjoy using different techniques and mediums to create visually interesting compositions – a juxtaposition of intense colors and inviting textures that take the viewer on an emotional rollercoaster.


Artwork by Phillip Livingston. He is included in "The Art of Color & Texture" at


Phillip LivingstonThis painting was created by layering, sanding back and re-layering to achieve an essence of industrial rawness. The intent is not so much to look like a painting but rather an expression of mood, or feeling.


Artwork by Becca Fox. She is included in "The Art of Color & Texture" at


Becca Fox – I see people as being very vibrant. Color and texture become a way for me to play with that on the canvas, revealing the layers of complex emotion from raw pencil sketches and washes to thick expressive knife work.


Artwork by Rinal Parikh. She is included in "The Art of Color & Texture" at


Rinal ParikhMy paintings are modern adaptation of traditional Indian folk arts. Subjects of my paintings are directly influenced by my childhood memories, emotions, thoughts, and experiences from day to day life.


"A Study in Scarlet" by Theresa Wells-Stifel. She is included in "The Art of Color & Texture" at


Theresa Wells StifelMy mission? Incorporate sewing scraps & vintage ephemera papers in a collage to create a piece bold enough to stand in a room, but that is intricate enough to compel you closer.


Artwork by Stephen Hackley


Stephen Hackley – I chose a crushed marble mixture to pull the horses off the canvas and hot colors to set the mood of power and speed in “Hell Bent for Leather.”


Artwork by Miranda Petersen. She is in the photo article "Art of Color & Texture" on

Miranda Petersen – As an artist and bee keeper, I use the wax from my apiaries to create encaustic paintings. This piece was inspired by beautiful, colourful scenery surrounding the hives in 2015.



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  1. Jenny Churchill says

    St. Louis is lucky to have, Featured Artist Mark Witzling, exhibiting a phenomenal solo show at 1900 Park! Please make sure to save the date – April 8th! To view Mark Witzling’s website click here .

    Mark Witzling is represented by many other galleries throughout the nation, we’ve always been huge fans and hopeful collectors.

    “I have been exploring different themes with my painting and most recently have been developing a series of works focused on expressing the impact of memory and historical consciousness. This is driven by witnessing the changes that those close to me are experiencing as they struggle with the challenges of dementia and memory loss. I choose not to focus on the difficult challenges and struggles associated with memory loss but in this work I want to explore my own recognition of the power of memory as a connector between people and the relevance of having a personal historical consciousness or connection with our past.”

  2. Thank you Carolyn for featuring my art! This is such a vibrant and beautiful collection! I’m so honored.
    Just added my newest paintings to my Facebook page.

  3. I like all the paintings but among all paintings, Rinal parikh’s painting is very good.

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