Many artists find themselves inspired by the places they have visited. Enjoy the following scenes from around the world that caught the imagination and the passion to create. Click each name to visit that artist’s website.


"Black Forest in the Mist" by Fiona Hind. See this artist’s portfolio by visiting

“Black Forest in the Mist” by Fiona Hind


Fiona Hind

This image of the “Black Forest in the Mist” is a familiar scene in The Schwarzwald, and a personal favourite. I painted this from a photograph I took in early autumn, while walking around the Schauinsland.


"Green Door, Giverny, France" by Sharon Kurlansky. See this artist’s portfolio by visiting

“Green Door, Giverny, France” by Sharon Kurlansky


Sharon Kurlansky

The green door is the entrance to Monet’s home in Giverny, France. Though my literal destination, figuratively it was destined to be the place of inspiration behind my photographic interpretations, reminiscent of Impressionism.



Cheryl Davis

Inspired by the swirling blues, rich browns and purples as well as the stark contrast of water and rocks of the Rhode Island shore I strived to fill my canvas with light, color and movement.


"Tenby, South Wales" by Matthew Evans. See this artist’s portfolio by visiting

“Tenby, South Wales” by Matthew Evans


Matthew Evans

One of my favourite destinations is the beautiful seaside holiday resort of “Tenby” in South Wales. I have tried to portray its beautiful coloured buildings captured with watercolour on paper. Architecture and landscapes are two of my most popular themes.


"Wine for Ashes" by Shiva Jlayer. See this artist’s portfolio by visiting

“Wine for Ashes” by Shiva Jlayer


Shiva Jlayer

Your destination is not based on what you did or you didn’t do. If you are burned and turned into ashes, accept the wine and you will find life abundantly.


"Bracebridge Falls, Ontario, Canada" by Wendy Wood. See this artist’s portfolio by visiting

“Bracebridge Falls, Ontario, Canada” by Wendy Wood


Wendy Wood

That perfect place where you say to yourself “Aha, this is the spot. This is what I have come to paint.” A melding of artistry and nature.


"Snow Shower on the Town" by Alex Tolstoy. See this artist’s portfolio by visiting

“Snow Shower on the Town” by Alex Tolstoy


Alex Tolstoy

Watercolor: a medium for the curious, the impatient, the impetuous. Snowy scenes can be particularly wonderful to create in watercolor where the white of the paper just glistens with promise…


"San Juan River" by Barbara Haviland. See this artist’s portfolio by visiting

“San Juan River” by Barbara Haviland


Barbara Haviland

This plein air painting was done when I was in Pagosa Springs, Colorado last September. We spent a week painting in that beautiful town. I am really enjoying getting out and painting on sight. I love the bright colorful scenery and think I have captured it.


"Last Light, Kauai, Hawaii" by Teresa Wilson. See this artist’s portfolio by visiting

“Last Light, Kauai, Hawaii” by Teresa Wilson


Teresa Wilson

The setting sun casts a golden glow over the water and sand on this beach on the north side of Kauai, Hawaii just as it dips below the horizon.


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