Artist Showcase, Summer 2021

Twenty-four artists have contributed favorite artworks to create a diverse and engaging showcase. Click on each artist’s name to visit their website.


abstract painting by Laura Andrews

“Spring Solace 1” oil, 70cm x 70cm x 3cm by Laura Andrews


Laura Andrews

I love the richness of oils as a medium and the depth of colour. I am largely influenced by the weather, and enjoy expressing the various moods and colour themes.


wool needle felted giraffe by Cherie Davidson

“Hello There” wool needle felted portrait on linen, 10″ x 10″ by Cherie Davidson


Cherie Davidson

I was intrigued when introduced to needle felting with wool in 2014, and fell in love with its sustainability, endurance and beauty. Now I create whimsical photorealistic portraits of the incredible animals in our world.


Stoneware clay cat sculpture by Brenda Armistead

“Lost Soul” stoneware clay, 8″ x 12″ x 8″ by Brenda Armistead


Brenda Armistead

Treetop views or drifting in the water-column slow my pulse and free my mind. I lean into these resonant experiences for inspiration. The themes I use offer narratives ranging from the joyous to the ambivalent.


mixed media abstract painting by Lisa Crisman

“On Edge” mixed media and collage on panel, 24″ x 18″ by Lisa Crisman


Lisa Crisman

Vibrant, bold and quirky, my mixed media/collage paintings are meant to bring joy. I hand paint papers, tear them into the shapes of my drawing, and collage them onto wood panel after painting the sky.


abstract mixed media painting by Claudia Wiebe

“When Our Paths Meet Again” mixed media on canvas, 36″ x 36″ by Claudia Wiebe


Claudia Wiebe

My paintings are a continuous narrative weaving together memories, life experiences and transitions. It is always my hope that my art leaves room for the viewers’ imagination and interpretation, and it sparks their soul.


black and white photography by Y. Hope Osborn

“Turkey Tail 5″ monochrome photography, 11″ x 7” by Y. Hope Osborn


Y. Hope Osborn

I love the pulse of creativity, capturing impactful monochrome photographs and realizing colorful whimsical abstracts. Though published, exhibited and awarded, great artistry is expressing reality and imagination that captivates, inspires or informs to enrich lives.


mixed media painting by Kathi Scarminach

“Work Wisdom Escape” acrylic and mixed media, 22″ x 27″ by Kathi Scarminach


Kathi Scarminach

As a visual storyteller, the power of art to heal and to connect us to each other are the foundational principles of my work. Each painting illustrates a story within me, whether fleeting or otherwise.


oil and cold wax landscape by Bobbi Miller

“That Winter Day Driving When the Highway to Home Closed” oil and cold wax, 12″ x 9″ by Bobbi Miller


Bobbi Miller

Car trips in adverse Wyoming winter conditions provide window scenery of moving shapes and textures of snow, ice and sleet. Cold wax with oil paint assists in replicating those visions and sensations.


figurative oil painting by Becca Drach

“Bluebells” oil on linen, 30″ x 40″ by Becca Drach


Becca Drach

Painting Alla Prima, inspired by The Impressionists and following techniques learned from digital tutorials, I found my own style. I aspire to find the essence of the scene and invite the viewer to find their own story.


abstract watercolor by Annie Clavel

“Conversation” watercolor on yupo, 30″ x 30″ by Annie Clavel


Annie Clavel

I paint from my own imagination and follow a feeling, an instinct. Underlying my work patterns of thoughts, emotions and stories might be seen; however, my art is pure abstraction inspired by infinity.


abstract photomicrography by Pamela Gleave

“Sandhill Crane Wine: Abraza” photomicrography, 10″ x 8″ by Pamela Gleave


Pamela Gleave

I make stunning photographs through the microscope of chemicals, wine and beer. Who says chemistry can’t be beautiful!


color pencil landscape by Rhia Janta-Cooper

“Tree Grows on Stones” colored pencils, 29cm x 21cm by Rhia Janta-Cooper


Rhia Janta-Cooper

Go green with Green Art designed by nature as part of my creations. I draw green landscapes to remind us how important it is to preserve our natural world because nature is all we have.


oil and wax abstract painting by Delia Vilhelm

“The fair” oil and wax on canvas, 85cm x 95cm by Delia Vilhelm


Delia Vilhelm

These vibrant and colourful oil and wax paintings are my response to a highly disrupted world; to “…strip the artwork of all life except for my own internal meanderings.” – Ninth Street women


figurative oil painting by Lawrence Strauss

“David” oil on canvas paper, 12″ x 16″ by Lawrence Strauss


Lawrence Strauss

Preserved in the Syrian city Dura-Europos was a trove of art closest to biblical times; this ancient work defies Judeo-Christian and art conventions. I have been trying, in paint, to carry forward this lost culture.


abstract photography by Poul Christensen

“Life Experience” photography, 165cm x 122cm by Poul Christensen


Poul Christensen

My pieces are mainly inspired by the captivating diversity in nature which I capture with my camera. I look to bring new experiences for my viewers and aspire to create positive and curious imagery.


painting of sandpipers by Deborah Ann Baker

“Sandpipers” acrylic, 12″ x 9″ by Deborah Ann Baker


Deborah Ann Baker

I give my paintings a majestic grandeur inspired by lingering on interior moments, and bring them to life with soft gestures and brilliant acrylic color.


abstract ink painting by Patricia J. Finley

“Lingering Longing” ink on wood panel, 24″ x 48″ by Patricia J. Finley


Patricia J. Finley

I’ve been experimenting with ink on wood panel which I then cover with a coat of clear resin. The ink has unlimited possibilities. The vibrancy of the colors is wonderful, especially when highlighted by resin.


gouache and mixed media floral painting by Colette Wright Adams

“The Season Ends Full with Joy” gouache and mixed media on bristol board, 17″ x 14″ by Colette Wright Adams


Colette Wright Adams

The natural world found in the city, by happenstance or cultivated, inspires me. I’m often drawn to the created and protected natural habitats that we build to save our environment and to save ourselves.


abstract mixed media by Sheila Neufeld

Untitled – mixed media on panel, 48″ x 36″ by Sheila Neufeld


Sheila Neufeld

I inlay my art with natural crystals and their sands to create “The Shimmer.” This effect gets picked up with different light sources, hopefully reminding the viewer of the magical nature of life itself.


photo of a saguaro cactus by Bryan Bromstrup

“Saguaro II” digital art/photograph manipulation, various sizes by Bryan Bromstrup


Bryan Bromstrup

Expanding horizons as an artist, I have ventured into photography and digital art concepts. I am influenced by phone photo applications that allow transformation of my pics into art. I call this art style, “Bryanism.”


abstract acrylic painting by Lynn Rybicki

“New Day” acrylic on canvas, 10″ x 8″ by Lynn Rybicki


Lynn Rybicki

I seek to express what lies beneath the surface of life in abstract paintings full of color washes and drips. I often reference the landscape—for me, it is the holy sanctuary of the earth.


digital art by Chris Blas

“Nostos algos” digital abstraction in software from photograph, various sizes by Chris Blas


Chris Blas  

Working from photos, I produce purely digital abstractions in software. “Nostos algos” is a recent work inspired by Homer’s The Odyssey. The monumental achievements of Abstract Expressionism remain my compass.


abstract mixed media by Isa Dor

“Privileged Witness” mixed media, 100cm x 50cm by Isa Dor


Isa Dor

My work is abstract and introspective, using multiple layers of acrylic mediums in vibrant hues and muted colors; intermixing, and evolving, to reflect the experiences of renewal I have gone through.


figurative acrylic painting by Ken Tesoriere

“Daniel and Jesse” acrylic on canvas, 48″ x 48″ by Ken Tesoriere


Ken Tesoriere

Arabesque line work and vibrant coloration of meaningful or playful visual content remains my passion and my love, still, after these many years. Hope you enjoy some of my painting engagements.


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