How Do Visitors See Your Art Website?

Whether your art website passes user tests with flying colors or not, it’s always valuable to know what the visitor experience is, and how you may be able to improve.

Artist Stories

Take a look at the impact these artists make through sharing their stories.

Create Income through Renting Your Artwork

With art rentals, businesses who have this problem can invest in higher-quality artwork instead of cheaper prints that they know will get thrown away.

Artists … Exit Your Comfort Zone

by guest blogger Kelly Heck 4 Marketing Techniques YOU Can Use to Boost Your Web Presence     1. Your work is pretty… now what? You have an amazing portfolio to share with the world. You set up a website with your artistry, your bio, and an online form. Why isn’t the world reacting to […]

You’re Probably Doing It Wrong

It should go without saying— having quality digital images is 100% critical for your art business.

Amazon vs. Etsy – Who Will Win?

Although it’s too early to tell which way things will fall, events are happening at a rapid pace that may affect the outcome of this upcoming rivalry.

Avoid These Mistakes That Ruin Your Online Art Sales

It’s the follow up that will make your work memorable and draw in that important customer engagement that you want.

Want to Start an Online Art Gallery Business?

A new software program came to my attention that may be very helpful to creative entrepreneurs and others who want to have a gallery online to sell artwork.

Artist Strategies Lead to Regular Online Sales

His fans frequently share his posts, too, causing them to spread far and wide. It’s not unusual to see 50 or 100 shares of each photo, and sometimes more.

Upcoming Online Art Exhibitions

I’d like to invite readers to consider submitting their art to either or both of these upcoming competitions.

Art Licensing Website Connects Artists and Clients

The site is not an art licensing agent, but simply a meeting place, in essence a “virtual art licensing show.”

Keys to Increasing Online Art Sales

Ideally, you want to help them develop a comfort level where they are ready to purchase. It’s about the customer experience.

What Artists Must Know About Selling Art Online

You know online art sales have gone totally mainstream when millions of people are being exposed to national advertisements that make shopping for artwork seem this appealing, easy and fun.

Top 10 Business Articles of 2014

Here’s the lineup of the most popular articles on Artsy Shark this year. Enjoy, and share!