6 Ways to Boost Your Online Art Sales

When a website is the means you have to communicate about your art, you must be sure to share enough information about yourself, your inspiration and your technique to make a connection with the viewer.

How Artists Can Inoculate Themselves Against Rejection

A conversation with artist advocate and business strategy consultant Elizabeth Hulings on the inevitability of rejection, strategies to cope, and how to move forward.

Photo Service Helps Build an Amazing Art Portfolio

ProductViz provides quality portfolio-caliber pictures of artwork. We show artists work in an interior setting.

How Artists Earn: Art-Related Products

Artists may add a much-needed price point spread, or even attract an entirely new audience who are not prospective collectors of original art.

How to Boost Your Art Website Rank with Backlinks

The more highly ranked the other site, the more “link juice” it provides. Google’s search engine likes to see backlinks that come from authoritative websites, which helps to distinguish yours as worthy of a visit.

Top 10 Art Business Articles of 2016

Here’s our annual list of our most popular business articles for artists, published in 2016 …

New Online Opportunity for Greeting Card Designers

Blow allows shoppers to write any message inside the birthday card in their own handwriting and then have us drop that real, signed card into the US Mail a few minutes later.

New Online Marketplace Offers Unique Seller Opportunities

iVANZi created a business model where they act as a go-between for the artist and the retailer, in some very interesting ways.

4 Actionable Tips to Reach New Art Collectors Online

There are dozens of theoretical ways to get your artwork in front of collectors, but I’m going to give you 4 tips you can use right now to start exposing your artwork to a wider audience of art collectors online.

How to Increase Your Online Art Sales

Now, we get into the fun stuff— using your portfolio to build an online presence.

How Do Visitors See Your Art Website?

Whether your art website passes user tests with flying colors or not, it’s always valuable to know what the visitor experience is, and how you may be able to improve.

Artist Stories

Take a look at the impact these artists make through sharing their stories.

Create Income through Renting Your Artwork

With art rentals, businesses who have this problem can invest in higher-quality artwork instead of cheaper prints that they know will get thrown away.

Artists … Exit Your Comfort Zone

by guest blogger Kelly Heck 4 Marketing Techniques YOU Can Use to Boost Your Web Presence     1. Your work is pretty… now what? You have an amazing portfolio to share with the world. You set up a website with your artistry, your bio, and an online form. Why isn’t the world reacting to […]