The Creative Process

Finding inspiration, meaning and passion is a search all artists make as part of the creative process.

The following artists offer their insights on the meaning behind and the inspiration for their art. Click on the artist’s name to see their website.


Artist Linda Laino at work on a mandala


Linda Laino:

I paint mandalas and mandala murals. Moving back and forth from the mandala work to my other paintings creates a visual flexibility that allows each to inform the other. Nature provides inspiration and structure.


Artist Brian Schorn in his studio


Brian Schorn:

I am a mixed-media artist exploring the intersection of art, science and Eastern philosophy. My work uses natural and found materials in a minimalist manner, while embracing the art making process as a contemplative practice.


Artist Sylvia Larkin at work in her studio


Sylvia Larkin:

I am an assemblage artist, who also works in mixed media (which explains all the tools on my work bench). My creations capture the reality of life, tell a story and are an authentic expression of my passion for life or the situations I find myself in.


Artist Anh Van Truong in her studio


Anh-Van Truong:

My technique starts with a good drawing of the subject. Then I cover the background with diluted paint, block colors, use layers and contrasting colors, let it dry, then use charcoal for details. My inspiration comes from nature and all things surrounding me.


Artist Carol Lisa Lozito in her studio


Carol Lisa Lozito:

I paint the endangered species in a colorful, unique style. I am inspired by the beauty of nature and motivated to bring the plight of the endangered wildlife to the public’s awareness.


Artist Beth Haizlip in her studio


Beth Haizlip:

I’m inspired by everything in nature, other artists and gorgeous pictures. I never have an artist block! I carefully draw my composition, then apply thick vibrant bold colorful strokes with a soft touch in an impressionist style.


Artist Claude McCoy in his studio


Claude McCoy:

I create an exciting form of “new media” called generative algorithmic abstract art. Images are created in a computer using mathematical modules which are assembled together in a tree.  Come and see the final “keeper” iterations of my formulas.


Corey and Leanne Silverman - Flower on Fire


Corey and Leanne Silverman – The Furnace:

Prototype…prototype…prototype…Finally! Nailed it!

Errr, how best to display? Hello, Engineering? Delivery across country? Hiya, Logistics. Creative inspiration is just one tiny step when it comes to our art in progress….


Artist Edwin Leishman


Edwin Leishman:

My work is very intentional. Painting for me is the way I articulate good, sound ideas. It speaks clearly and is understood. It represents me and is my mouthpiece.


Artist Erin McGuire-Thompson and her work


Erin McGuire-Thompson:

I am inspired by humor and boldness. I tend to build up rich colors and shadows. Creating art is messy, as is life, and it’s empowering to move that mess around to create something beautiful.


Artist Jill Lefkowitz in her studio


Jill Lefkowitz:

My paintings are primitive images that transform into sculptures on canvas and furnishings, exploding with color and detail in acrylic. I live and work as both a painter and makeup artist in South Florida.


Artist Kajal Zaveri at work in her studio


Kajal Zaveri:

My art comes from a happy, colorful place, and is best described as abstract realism—a modern rendering of something familiar and warm. It’s inspired by the beauty and bounty of nature and my various travels.


Artist Manny Martins-Karman in her studio


Manny Martins-Karman:

My work has a strong base in colour and composition. My pieces are raw and fluid. Big canvases, brushes, palette knives, and my own hands dictate how paint colours are applied.


Artist Michelle Louis at work


Michelle Louis:

As a professional artist and naturalist, I view nature and art as integral to self and community. Exposing inherent energy, my artwork is abstract/movement-oriented. It emerges in the moment, not to recreate landscape, but as synergetic marks.


Artist Sudio Rakusin in her studio


Sudie Rakusin:

I create environments that are lush and surreal, rich with color, texture and pattern. Many of my works contain sculpted papier-mâché features and beadwork, which push my 2-D work into a 3-D realm.


Artist Uchechukwu Ezeemo at work


Ezeemo Uchechukwu:

My technique is full of emotion and connectivity through the expression of inner thought.


Artist Anja Berloznik in her studio


Anja Berloznik:

Art is exploration of life. Every blank canvas is an opportunity to create and learn. I love to play with texture and bright colors. My inspiration is nature where I spend a lot of time.


Artist Colleen Darby in her studio


Colleen Darby:

My art was inspired by the experiences I had working as an Artist in Residence on the oncology floor of a children’s hospital. I paint scenes from nature and collage in positive phrases and words.


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