Create an FAQ Page on Your Art Website

If you’re not making sales through your art website, take a look at the user experience. Do visitors seeing your work understand your terms and policies and how to make a purchase?

5 Ways to Organize Your Art Business (and Avoid Headaches!)

Is your art business organized? Save yourself unnecessary stress by getting organized with these 5 useful tips

CERF Study Provides a Craft Industry Snapshot

This report is chock-full of thought-provoking statistics and information that any artist can use for planning, loss prevention and legacy building

Artists & Doctors Create their own Healthcare Reform

The O+ Festival could serve as a prototype for other cities to follow, not only in helping artists get better health care, but by bringing awareness to the health-related hardships artists face. – Samantha Levin

Gotcha Covered – Insurance Resources for Artists

Compared to being a defendant in a liability lawsuit or losing your studio, office contents and inventory in a fire or disaster, insurance premiums are an incredible deal.

A Disaster and a Valuable Lesson

About 69 percent of artists are not properly insured. Find out how you can protect your studio, your artwork and yourself in the event of loss of property or a claim against you.