Artists & Doctors Create their own Healthcare Reform

The O+ Festival could serve as a prototype for other cities to follow, not only in helping artists get better health care, but by bringing awareness to the health-related hardships artists face. – Samantha Levin

Perseverance and Results

Every time I felt like giving up because I came away from a show where I sold nothing, it made me dig deeper and become more resilient.

Starting Your Career as an Artist

A new book by Wojak and Miller has lots of information for those looking to begin or enhance their art careers.

How to Fail as an Artist

Tongue-in-cheek article on what not to do to succeed as an artist. Addresses confidence, business issues, marketing, rejection, and other reasons why artists fail to realize successful careers, and links to articles on how to succeed.

Art and Heart Transform a School

Jacqueline Edelberg, Artist and Author, discusses how she led parents and community members to renovate a failing neighborhood elementary school in Chicago, and created a national model for reforming city schools.