Featured Artist Cheryl Eve Acosta

Inspired by the cycle of life, each piece of featured artist Cheryl Eve Acosta’s jewelry is a sculptural delight.

Featured Artist Mary Hicklin

I share the ancients’ fascination with natural objects and make one-of-a-kind work from things that call out to me.

Featured Artist Louise Little

I love the transparency of glass. I love that I can make glass look like ancient stones born of the earth. I love its history and its influence in the world and try to mimic historical beads.

Featured Artist Emily Ennulat-Lustine

Mindful examination of the fine and subtle details that exist in both the physical world and the emotional one is perhaps the most inspiring and gratifying quality in creating my intaglio prints.

Critique and the Heart of the Artist

This was the very first time I began to sell my work and to develop a collection. It was the beginning.

Featured Artist Vickie Hallmark

My jewelry is inspired by my central Texas garden.

Art of the Abstract

Why is abstract art so fascinating? Eleven artists share their work and their inspiration. Enjoy!

Featured Artist Karen McGovern

I want to create affordable, unique designs that are not only wearable art, but also inspire the wearer to share with others the story behind the design itself.

Featured Artist Allison L Norfleet Bruenger

I am inspired by nature and also the female image. Nature has such a vast amount of areas for me to pull from that I can never get tired of.

Featured Artist Estelle Vernon

I have always been able to see both patterns in my environment and subtle divergences from the ordinary.

Featured Artist Q Evon

As a metalsmith, I now have the skills to interpret the intriguing features and elements of ancient buildings into my work.

Featured Artist Mielle Harvey

Insects are another theme I return to regularly.

Featured Artist Ben Harju

Every piece of wire used in my jewelry is perfectly placed with both intention and attention to detail in mind.

Featured Artist Kathy King

The signature component of my designs is my bead quilled work.