Superb Branding and Strategies

The name “Ken Brown” is a familiar one from calligraphy sets and instruction books you have sold for many years, and you have truly branded yourself.and been an international spokesman, and partnered with wife Gail to product prints that sold millions of copies worldwide.

Choose the Right Printer for Your Greeting Card Line

Tips and suggestions for artists who have their own greeting card line on how to choose the best printer for the job. Includes interviews with Hok Yeung of Persimmon Press and Kate Harper.

Is Art Licensing Right for You?/Interview with Tara Reed

Tara Reed, an expert on art licensing, discusses the mindset artists must have to be successful in this endeavor. She gives basics on the business and helps artists decide whether licensing makes sense for them.

How to Move Through Rejection

Cynthia Morris coaches artists and other creatives, and is a speaker, author and leader of creativity tours to France. She answers questions on how artists can deal with rejection.

Blue Ocean Strategy for Artists/Interview with Ann Rea

Artist Ann Rea paints landscapes of wine country in California. She also has created an upscale brand, and opened a new market for her originals and prints. She discusses her business strategies and how she became very successful. Ann also does business consulting for artists and is writing a new book.

Featured Artist Dave Crosland

Scottish artist Dave Crosland discusses his wildlife drawings, what inspires him and how he began as an artist. A compelling story of rising from unfortunate circumstances to launch an art career.

Who is Laura Lee and How Did She Make it in New York?

Laura Lee Gulledge, a graphic novelist and artist living in New York City, tells how she started her successful career. Laura Lee discusses her travels, the art scene in NYC and how persistence paid off for her.

Art School, Internships and Careers/Interview with Chrissy Garrett of SCAD

Chrissy Garrett, Career Development Specialist at Savannah College of Art and Design, discusses career strategies for art students. Topics include internships, networking, and preparing themselves to interview or launch their own businesses.

Selling Your Work in New York Galleries/An Insider’s Story

Rhonda Schaller, an artist, gallery owner, career counselor and teacher, gives an insider’s view on how to sell your work in New York art galleries, or to self-produce your work and advance your art career.

Take the Leap

Launching your art career can be an uncomfortable experience too. You have to be able to deliberately put yourself into situations that are difficult and scary and open to failure.