Letter to a Young Artist

Never, ever apologize for your art or your talent. And don’t present your work as less than.

Going Belly Up

Sometimes the best thing about new entrepreneurs is that they don’t even imagine their dreams won’t work out. Imagine being in that place. What would you do if you were guaranteed success?

Selling to Large Retailers

I highly encourage small businesspeople to meet with a regional buyer, or even a store level buyer, if they have the latitude to place orders.

Selling to Large Retailers

There is a huge difference between working with a small independent mom-and-pop retailer and entering the world of corporate buyers.

Want to Rock Your Art Business This Year? Start with Your Collection

As you consider how to grow your body of work, take a look at the big picture. Go into your design process knowing who your target customer is, what they buy and why your work will appeal to them.

Artists Look to the New Year

Artists talk about the year just passed, and their resolutions for 2012. Some took risks, or had tough learning experiences. They grew in their businesses and their art. Here are their stories.

Top 10 Articles on Artsy Shark for 2011

The Top 10 most-read articles on Artsy Shark for 2011. Covers pricing, websites, corporate art, greeting card lines, book illustration marketing and increasing sales for your art business.

Top 5 Tips on Getting into More Juried Art Exhibitions

In order to help build and develop their artistic resume,’ artists will find it necessary to enter juried art competitions on a regular basis. By entering and being accepted into juried art competitions, this then becomes a “third party” endorsement of the artist’s skill and artistic talents.

Creative Rejuvenation

Links to articles about inspiration, overcoming rejection and accepting yourself as an artist.

Top 10 Articles on Artsy Shark this Year

Countdown of the top ten most-read articles on Artsy Shark in 2010. Includes articles on galleries, art licensing, art publishing, greeting cards, websites and strategies.

A Gallery Director Speaks: What Artists Must Know

Robert Patrick, gallery director and consultant, is interviewed about what artists need to know about art collectors, art galleries, and how to prepare presentations.

Featured Artist Carla E. Reyes

Mixed Media Carla E. Reyes discusses her background in decorative arts and her techniques and goals. She presents her mixed media portfolio.

Greeting Card Biz Insider Secrets – Part 3

Don Ruge, a pro in the greeting card industry, completes his three-part series on greeting cards for Artsy Shark, discussing licensing and other important considerations.

Greeting Card Biz Insider Secrets – Part 2

Don Ruge, a pro with many years as an Art Director and Creative Director in the greeting card business, continues his series of guest blogs by speaking about his career and his thoughts on creativity.