Featured Artist Julliette Tehrani

Artist Julliette Tehrani shares a collection of her boldly vibrant abstract floral paintings.

Your Greatest Asset in Finding Gallery Representation

How do you sift through the thousands of galleries out there to find those suitable for you and your work?

Top 10 Ways that Galleries Find Artists

Puzzled as to how to connect with galleries? It doesn’t have to be a mystery. A survey of gallery owners reveals the best ways to connect and be found.

Perseverance and Results

Every time I felt like giving up because I came away from a show where I sold nothing, it made me dig deeper and become more resilient.

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There is no perfect formula for pricing your work, but here are a few helpful hints.

Vision and Strategy for Artists

In Part 1 of her guest blog on Artsy Shark, Rhonda Schaller discusses alternative methods of exhibition, alternative spaces, and exhibition models, plus a business plan exercise.

A Gallery Director Speaks: The Psychology of Selling Art

Robert Patrick, art gallery director and consultant, speaks about the psychology of selling to a collector, and the “intangible” quality of art. He also discusses gallery merchandising and setup to create an inviting atmosphere which clients will want to visit.

A Gallery Director Speaks: A Day in the Life

Robert Patrick, art gallery director and consultant, discusses the daily schedule and duties of a gallery director. This includes working with art consultants, art collectors and merchandising a gallery.

A Gallery Director Speaks: What Artists Must Know

Robert Patrick, gallery director and consultant, is interviewed about what artists need to know about art collectors, art galleries, and how to prepare presentations.

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Samantha Levin discusses how she represents artists, organizes gallery shows, uses alternative spaces, and promotes art to collectors.

Selling Your Work in New York Galleries/An Insider’s Story

Artist, author and former gallery owner Rhonda Schaller gives an insider’s view on how to sell your work in New York art galleries.