Artist Showcase, Late Summer 2020

Enjoy this showcase featuring the work of twenty-eight artists who share their inspiration and passion for creating art. Each name is a link to the artist’s own website.


oil painting of a rocky shoreline by Madeleine Elkin

“Second Valley” oil, 48″ x 36″ by artist Madeleine Elkin


Madeleine Elkin

South Australia’s clear, bright skies bring out the best of our nature’s colours. It is this beauty of colour I like to enhance and play with in my pieces in an impressionistic abstract style.


photograph of driftwood off Jekyll Island by Savannah Sam (Steve Shrader)

“Driftwood of Jekyll Island” photograph on gallery wrapped canvas, 36″ x 24″ by artist Steve Shrader (Savannah Sam)


Steven Shrader

I am a digital photographer focused primarily on the south coastal United States. I use a specific and limited post processing format to best express the mood of the composition while developing my own style of technical creativity.


mixed media painting of HIcks Lake in British Columbia, Canada, by Eric Hotz

“Hicks Lake, British Columbia, Canada” acrylic paint and black ink on watercolor paper, 6″ x 8.5″ by artist Eric Hotz


Eric Hotz

The goal of my art is to explore and render the beauty of the natural history found within a two-hour car drive from where I reside. There are many amazing scenes to turn into art.


geometric oil landscape by Heather and William Alley (HAWA)

“A New Day” oil on canvas, 48″ x 48″ x 2″ by artists Heather and William Alley (HAWA)


Heather & William Alley (HAWA)

Together we paint, at the same time, on the same canvas. Oil painters and art product inventors, we are unreasonably enthusiastic art encouragers. We make art related media content and enjoy sharing our process.


oil painting of a colorful birch forest by Nelly Marlier

“Birch Forest” oil on canvas, 48″ x 28″ x 2″ by artist Nelly Marlier


Nelly Marlier

I am a Belgian self-taught painter who lives in the Syracuse historic neighborhood in Sicily. My subject is the natural world—clouds, sea and landscapes painted in oil on linen with an impressionist style.


floral alcohol ink painting by Linda Eader

“Hidden Jewel” alcohol inks on yupo paper using canned air, 14″ x 11″ by artist Linda Eader


Linda Eader

Although I have always painted in oils and watercolor, I love alcohol inks because of their vivid color and luminosity. I used a brush only on the hummingbird and flower centers; everything else was painted using canned air.


painting of pink blooms by Patricia Ann Hillard

“Dancing in the Dark” acrylic on canvas, 30″ x 30″ by artist Patricia Ann Hillard


Patricia Ann Hillard

My love of colour and my fascination with the effects of light lead me to the re-creation of minute details observed, stirring emotion and passion to inspire and share nature’s beauty captured forever on my canvas.


western themed painting by Ray Schmitz

“Making Time” acrylic on canvas, 11″ x 14″ by artist Ray Schmitz


Ray Schmitz

I like to invite the viewer to wonder. Figurative art, such as “Making Time,” can sometimes capture an attitude with body posture rather than facial expression. I thrive on exploring painting styles and subject matter.


painting on wood of a lake by Marika Rosenius

“Silence in the Solitude 2” acrylic and scratches on wood, 122cm x 72cm by artist Marika Rosenius


Marika Rosenius

I’m profoundly influenced by the chaotic order and the complexity in nature. I’m using my woodworking tools for “drawing” on wood, often integrating the wood splinters. By adding paint, an unexpected botanical illusion unfolds.


abstract oil and cold wax painting by Janet Massimino

“Oddball” oil and cold wax on mixed media paper, 8″ x 11″ by artist Janet Massimino


Janet Massimino

“Oddball” seemed the appropriate title for this small, eccentric painting. It’s not unusual for me to start a painting and let the material define the image. Texture and color guided me on this quirky journey.


scratchboard art of an African Painted Wolf by Jan Lowe

“African Painted Wolf” inked clay scratchboard, 28cm x 36cm by artist Jan Lowe


Jan Lowe

Scratchboard—a medium that expresses my view of animals, people and dramatic scenery. My inspiration is storytelling through paintings, the creature’s plight, the changing geographic land, emotion and passion.


3-D fiber art of a tree branch in a vase by Mirka Knaster

“Indigo Tree” hand stitched dyed cotton silk and linen pouches, copper wire and bamboo vase, 40″ x 28″ by artist Mirka Knaster


Mirka Knaster

My worldwide travels and living experiences have exposed me to fascinating cultural practices. I abstract and adapt what I witness to create one-of-a-kind 2-D and 3-D fiber art.


fused glass and enamel bowl featuring a rabbit and salad by Christine Ortbals

“Theres a Hare in My Salad” fused glass and glass enamels, 15″ diameter by artist Christine Ortbals


Christine Ortbals

I have a mind that never stops and an intense curiosity. I transform ordinary glass into original and striking abstracts often tied to nature. They tell a story and are an expression of who I am.


watercolor of desert plants by Deborah Edwards

“Wooly Thyme and Red Sedum” watercolor on paper, 28″ x 22″ by artist Deborah Edwards


Deborah Edwards

My herbal rock garden in Canada is an old friend whose portrait I never tire of painting. The combination of colors and textures is always changing and fresh.


abstract acrylic and mixed media by Orna Adoram

“The Ocean” acrylic and mixed media, 56″ x 38″ x 1.5″ by artist Orna Adoram


Orna Adoram

My work is affected by my own life story. My paintings are original multi-layered acrylic on canvas, combining the practical world of industrial architecture and recycled building materials with symbols and concepts from the spiritual world.


black and white photography of mountains by Mark Basterfield

“Pedraforca” photography, 24″ x 16″ by artist Mark Basterfield


Mark Basterfield

Photography has always been in my life. I love trying to capture an object in a way that is unique to me. I try to create images that people will treasure forever.


pastel of an eagle in a tree by Susan Frank

“High Country” pastel, 8″ x 10.5″ by artist Susan Frank


Susan Frank

Some days I walk around with my head looking up into the trees. Found this beautiful eagle on one of those days.


abstract oil on panel by Lisa Pressman

“Growing” oil on panel, 12″ x 12″ by artist Lisa Pressman


Lisa Pressman

My work explores the place of “not knowing”. The process is an intuitive dialogue between the random and the deliberate that allows a relationship to develop between intent and accident.


abstract figurative painting by Silly Tilly

“Garden of Gladness” acrylic, 4′ x 3′ by artist Silly Tilly


Silly Tilly

My artwork is a unique recipe of feminine mysticism, highlighting emotions, nature and spiritual peace! I speak to the adult and child alike, awakening the imagination and inspiring a care free love for life!


painting of a brew pub by Gary Hoff

“Outside the Brewpub” oil on canvas, 24″ x 16″ by artist Gary Hoff


Gary Hoff

Cities are complexes of people, overlapping shapes, light in unexpected places and motion. We glimpse people in their daily pursuits. My work is a compilation of centuries of heirloom oil painting technique.


mixed media painting of a calico cat by Sophia Morrison

“Calico Cat” mixed media, 24″ x 30″ by Sophia Morrison


Sophia Morrison

As an experimental artist, I often make collages using printouts of my own paintings to create new paintings. My focus is less about reality and more about strong design, color and composition.


painting of orchids on a tree by John Ketley

“A Gorgeous Trio” acrylic on canvas, 48″ x 48″ by artist John Ketley


John Ketley

As examples of classical beauty, the orchid will always be a favorite with ladies. I feature them in my latest paintings in contemporary decor settings. The Ghost Orchid is next after this opening trio.


painting of palm trees by Kathy Dana

“Ocean View” acrylic on canvas, 36″ x 36″ by artist Kathy Dana


Kathy Dana

As a northern California painter, I’m committed to revealing the positive energy in all things, including the living soul of trees. So much so, that I’ve recently begun offering portraits of iconic trees.


gouache painting of a rogue wave by Sherri Madison

“Rogue Wave” gouache on cardboard, 29.5″ x 19.5″ by artist Sherri Madison


Sherri Madison

My work is inspired by my upbringing in the military. Moving often provided me opportunity to hone my creative skills using cardboard boxes. I aim to encourage recycling by using sustainable paint on recycled cardboard.


painting of Gaia by Lauren DeLuca

“Gaia” acrylic on canvas, 30″ x 40″ by artist Lauren DeLuca


Lauren DeLuca

Gaia sentience animates the planet and makes life on Earth possible. Accept Mother Earth’s invitation to open your heart and change the world by honoring all moments with respect, partnership and peace.


watercolor landscape of a farm by Robert Benson

“Sunrise on Lawndale” watercolor on paper, 12″ x 9″ by artist Robert Benson


Robert Benson

I paint northern California landscapes, still life and figurative subjects in watercolor. My most recent focus has been on pet portrait commissions.


oil landscape of willow trees at Willow Lake by Jeanne De Campos-Rousseau

“October at Willow Lake” oil on canvas, 20″ x 16″ by artist Jeanne De Campos-Rousseau


Jeanne De Campos-Rousseau

The bright yellow color of the willow trees in fall glory reflecting on the still, sky-blue water that makes up Willow Lake caught my eye in an afternoon walk.


painting of a dog on pillows by Diana Kurz

“Lola” oil on linen, 28″ x 22″ by artist Diana Kurz


Diana Kurz

While my paintings are inspired by the world around me, my main concern is creating strong painting compositions—even in my commissioned pet portraits where I emphasize the unique personality of each animal.


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