Artist Showcase, Winter 2022

Twenty talented artists contributed favorite pieces of their work for our newest Winter Showcase. Enjoy their artwork and visit each website by clicking on the artist’s name.


figurative painting by Leonie.e.Brown

“I Will Die for You” professional inks, oil paint and cold wax on canvas, 101cm x 127cm by artist Leonie.e.Brown



I work to blur the boundary between the ephemeral, spiritual and physical dream world. Each painting has a specific message and meaning hidden within, to be found for those willing to look for it.


floral abstract painting by Lanni Weingarten

“Sometimes Less is More” mixed media on wood panel with a resin finish, 30″ x 30″ by artist Lanni Weingarten


Lanni Weingarten

This piece is to remind the viewer that the space between words, the break in conversation and the calm on a painting are equally important. They all give our minds a chance to pause, reset and reflect.


figurative landscape by Susan Brown

“Covid Hope” acrylic on canvas, 24″ x 18″ by artist Susan Brown


Susan Brown

I work in acrylic, oil and watercolor. In my street scenes and similar “location” series of paintings I have found a love of solving the geometry and the ability to create a sense of place.


architectural painting by Maude Tapin

“Segovia” mixed media, 7″ x 15″ by artist Maude Tapin


Maude Tapin

Calm the mind. Through my art, I want to share certain perceptions experienced in places I visited, thus leading the viewer to travel, reflect and get lost in his or her own thoughts.


elephant painting by Gabby Avalos

“Striding with Love” oil and mixed media, 48″ x 36″ by artist Gabby Avalos


Gabby Avalos

The inspiration for my work is to connect people through hope and healing. My own journey as an artist has been filled with the theme that relationships and art can be very therapeutic.


abstract landscape by Marji Huffman-Plessinger

“Turtleback Hill” acrylic on canvas, 36″ x 36″ by artist Marji Huffman-Plessinger


Marji Huffman-Plessinger

I am fascinated by nature, creation, and mysteries seen and unseen, real and imagined. My life and imaginings are completely eclectic and my art reflects that.


bird painting by Sandra Harris

“Love” oil, 20″ x 16″ by artist Sandra Harris


Sandra Harris

My art is inspired by God’s creations. I paint animals and landscapes, primarily in oil and watercolor. I tend to focus on birds because each one is unique and joyful.


figurative painting by Jane Mick

“Reverie” mixed media on canvas, 36″ x 48″ by artist Jane Mick


Jane Mick

This painting is part of my new series “Illuminated Women.” Each painting, dazzling with Swarovski crystals, gold leaf, lace, iridescent paint and more, emanates the ethereal power and beauty women express through their fashions.


abstract painting by Barbara Jacobs

“Conversations With Color” mixed media on canvsas mounted on cradled wood panel, 30″ x 30″ x 1″ by artist Barbara Jacobs


Barbara Jacobs

Graphite, ink, acrylic and burnished/polished Venetian plaster. The physical process includes scraping and burnishing. Canvas was painted stapled to a wall; then the entire surface, including the wrapped edges, affixed with very strong glue to the wood cradle.


figurative painting by Jacinto Gonzales (GASQUE)

“Night of the Deads in Patzcuaro” oil on canvas, 120cm x 120cm by artist Jacinto Gonzales (GASQUE)


Jacinto Gonzalez (GASQUE)

My paintings are inspired by landscapes, people, animals, nature and the phenomena that happens in it. I select its strongest color to capture on the canvas to stimulate the eyes and form emotions.


sea turtle painting by Carole K. Boyd

“Sea Turtle” digital painting, 12″ x 8″ by artist Carole K. Boyd


Carole K. Boyd

I am a self-taught digital fine art painter using the program Microsoft Paint and a mouse. I am inspired to create beauty and convey it to others with a goal of appreciating and protecting our environment.


abstract architectural painting by Jo Rankin

“Temple Steps” mixed media, 30cm x 30cm by artist Jo Rankin


Jo Rankin

I look out the window and see inspiration everywhere—colour, shapes, form, light and mood. They all combine in various ways onto my canvas creations.


figurative painting by Kathy Copsey

“Under The Protection & Guidance Of The Ancestors” textured acrylic painting on canvas, 30″ x 24″ by artist Kathy Copsey


Kathy Copsey

I am known as Kathy S. “White Bear” Copsey—an American artist with Native American and European heritage. My textured acrylic paintings, featuring animals and Natives, are considered contemporary Native American art.


abstract painting by Claudia Wiebe

“Not Much Time Left” mixed media on canvsas, 24″ x 24″ by artist Claudia Wiebe


Claudia Wiebe

I love to use vibrant colors and bold marks in my paintings. They reflect the joy and exhilaration in life, and give us pause to remember that sometimes there is “Not Much Time Left.”


landscape painting by Bunny Oliver

“Wisteria on the Bridge” oil, 24″ x 24″ by artist Bunny Oliver


Bunny Oliver

There is so much darkness in our world today. My goal is to draw attention to the beauty we often overlook—the way sunlight falls on a garden path or the colors in a bouquet.


abstract landscape by Michael Hartstein

“What Will Our Future Look Like” acrylic on canvas, 40″ x 30″ by artist Michael Hartstein


Michael Hartstein

Technology vs. Nature—I love nature. My hope for the future is that less of our lives will be spent on the computer, and more time will be spent experiencing the beauty of nature.


landscape painting by Pamela Jones

“Solar Energy” acrylic and mixed media on board, 94cm x 50cm by artist Pamela Jones


Pamela Jones

For my latest series “Moody Blues” I use the dynamic Tasmanian scenery as my inspiration. The ever-changing weather and the interaction between the ocean and land motivates me to capture the essence of this beautiful island.


figurative painting by Anu Narasimhan

“Playing Candy Crush” pastel, 15.5″ x 11.5″ by artist Anu Narasimhan


Anu Muthulakshmi Narasimhan

Pastel, with its rich color, is my primary medium. I am inspired by my varied upbringing and Indian roots, and seek to put my experiences on canvas through explorations of technique, color and subject matter.


abstract painting by Megan McCarthy

“Softly Comes the Night” oil on canvas, 20″ x 16″ by artist Megan McCarthy


Megan Gael McCarthy

I have two goals when I paint—to nurture my own mental and emotional health by engaging in creating, and to introduce art into the world that communicates and evokes emotional responses.


abstract painting by Hannah Yason

“Uprising” oil paint and sand on canvas, 92cm x 122cm by artist Hannah Yason


Hannah Yason

It is through the creation of abstract paintings using oil paint and sand that I am able to deepen my spiritual and healing journey. I explore profound and deeply personal life experiences which, by nature, are universal.


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