A Talented Artist Builds a Big Business

by Carolyn Edlund Artist Roza Khaminova’s collection of scarves and wearables has exploded in popularity. How has she dealt with scaling her business and dealing with knockoffs?     When she first opened her business on Etsy, Roza Khaminova never expected to start a small business that would experience explosive growth on an international basis. She started out […]

6 Reasons Why Color911 is a Must-Have for Artists

If there is something that inspires you, it is easy to capture the colors and save the lighter, darker, stronger or paler hues in your own library of color palettes.

3D Printing for Artists

This gives artists a huge menu of options for creating original sculpture, maquettes or even materials for use in building large assemblages or installations.

The Adult Coloring Book Phenomenon

Why are diehard fans cropping up for these trendy coloring books?

From Concept to Market: One Artist’s Story

What does it take to take a product idea all the way to the mass market? This artist shares her experiences.

Critique and the Heart of the Artist

This was the very first time I began to sell my work and to develop a collection. It was the beginning.

Will Your Great Idea Translate into a Great Business?

When you come up with a concept for a collection that you think might sell, test drive it against reality.

How to Scale Your Art Business

You might consider having your artwork reproduced in different formats, creating products for sale on a retail and/or wholesale basis.

Tattoo by You

Tattoodo provides the opportunity to have ideas brought to life by artists from all over the world.

Building Value in American Handmade Fine Craft

So what can artists and craftspeople do today to both build value and express the value of what they love to make?

Wear Your Art

Calling themselves an “endless dream closet and open design studio” they offer anyone the opportunity to turn designs into custom garments that look a lot more like couture than “tee”.

Creating a Jewelry Collection

By doing an actual planned and designed collection, I feel I can tell a better story about me, and about my work, and speak more directly to my target market.