Representing Artists to the Corporate Market

“Artists don’t want to go out and sell themselves,” said Murray. “They want you to go out there for them, make the sale.”

Sell Your Art into the Corporate Market

These buyers have more than the appearance of the artwork as a concern before they purchase, and as the artist you should be aware of this.

How Art is Chosen for Television and the Movies

Have you ever wondered how artists get their work onto movie sets and television shows? Here’s one expert who knows the inside story.

What’s Your Potential?

As you gain knowledge of what markets exist, how you could fit into them, and how to approach them, you can position yourself to get traction and begin creating opportunities for yourself to sell your work.

Top 10 Articles on Artsy Shark for 2011

The Top 10 most-read articles on Artsy Shark for 2011. Covers pricing, websites, corporate art, greeting card lines, book illustration marketing and increasing sales for your art business.

Matching Artists with Corporate Buyers

Artists who are accepted pay a $100.00 annual membership fee to Artspecifier. The site is searchable, offering categories such as color, style, and new work. With a password, member artists and clients are able to access the site and its features. Currently over 150 artists are represented.

How to Work with Art Consultants

Art consultant and author Barbara Markoff discusses how artists meet art consultants and can best work with them to create and place art in corporate settings.

How a Quilter Designed a Successful Career Path

Textile artist Jean Judd discusses her career, including exhibitions, marketing and commissions. She offers an insider’s view for emerging artists and craftspeople to get started on their careers in the business.

Fine Art becomes Rug Design

Painter Danielle Grinnen has launched her career by turning her art into rug designs. She is associated with Good Weave, which assures buyers that rugs are made by artisans who receive honest wages, and no child labor is used. She discusses her career, strategies and marketing.

The Wow Factor/Art in a Corporate Environment

Judith HeartSong of ArtMatters LLC, a Washington, DC art consulting firm, discusses how the business works and how artists can become involved in this industry.