Why Artists Fail at Networking

Networking is a strategy that really does work. If you don’t believe it, take a look at the “Top 10 Ways Galleries Find Artists.”

Success By the Numbers

If you are serious enough about your business to pursue appropriate prospects on a regular basis, you will get positive responses eventually, and some traction.

Holy Cow! How to Succeed at Selling to a Niche Market

Her website Cow Art and More features the work of about 25 artists who also produce art and giftware for the bovine-inclined of the world. About half of those artists live on farms or ranches, so they have a direct connection with the theme.

Creative Marketing for Artists

Each of these ideas goes above and beyond to sell art and develop strong business relationships. Today, personalized marketing, exemplary service and increased value are expected by customers.

How to Generate Buzz for Your Next Studio Event

Are you planning an open studio for the holiday season, and want to draw a crowd? 

Starting Your Career as an Artist/Interview with the Authors

One thing we’d like readers to take from our book is that building community to sustain your work and spirit is the most essential activity, and one that many artists undervalue or totally overlook.

Finding and Targeting Your Market

Constantly evaluate the marketplace and where you fit into it. This will enable you to take advantage of niches where your work can flourish.

How to Grow Your Art Business Through Referrals

How to ask for and receive business referrals; word-of-mouth referrals, written referrals and networking are discussed.

Build Your Twitter Art Community!

Let’s build our art community on Twitter! List your Twitter user name and your website. Join the conversation, network and share resources.

Increase Business by Building Your Personal Network

Building a personal network of friends and contacts gets you started on giving and receiving business referrals. Word of mouth is a powerful way to build business. How to make contacts, follow up and give referrals, while being open to receiving them as well.

20 Smart Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Art Website

Attract visitors and gain visibility for your art website. From including tutorials and linking to artist communities to installed Google Analytics to track visitors, all of these methods can help promote your business.

How a Decorative Painter Built a Business

Decorative painter Debra Disman is interviewed about her career – how she started, learned business practices and what advice she gives for emerging artists.

3 Essential Networking Strategies You Must Know

Advanced strategies for business people to grow their business. Use the techniques of following up on networking leads, creating alliances with other businesspeople, and establishing credibility to enhance your business and help others in a win-win situation.

10 Tips for Effective Networking

Networking tips for artists and businesspeople. How to prepare for and attend a networking event successfully. Includes suggested reading, making contacts and following up.