Exercises in Creativity

The moment you jump tracks and you start to work a different way, suddenly your work takes on a huge degree of freshness.

Talented and Able/Interview with Rob Florio

I could not ignore the path I chose. Every painting I complete gets better and better.

Thriving as an Artist in Mid-Life

Being centered and aligned with your resources, lining up the right amount of support, confidence, and happiness in your process and target market is key to planning a move forward and staying the course.

In Praise of Older Artists

Later-in-life artists bring a tremendous amount of life experience to their chosen practice, and with great dedication somehow often end up making up for lost time in building a new career.

Letter to a Young Artist

Never, ever apologize for your art or your talent. And don’t present your work as less than.

10 Resolutions for Artists to Make this the Best Year Ever

Have you screwed things up? Yes, you have. No matter your level of education, chances are you took a few credits at the School of Hard Knocks. You remember well the lessons learned then, because you had the guts to take risks and try something new.

Top 10 Articles on Artsy Shark for 2011

The Top 10 most-read articles on Artsy Shark for 2011. Covers pricing, websites, corporate art, greeting card lines, book illustration marketing and increasing sales for your art business.

Is Your Work Outstanding?

Is your body of work totally cohesive, in a strong signature style? What makes it special, completely different from anyone else? What makes it irresistible?

Creative Rejuvenation

Links to articles about inspiration, overcoming rejection and accepting yourself as an artist.

The Critique

We secretly crave critiques, though. We know that to improve and grow, we need the opinion and input from someone we respect, an authority with the ability to help us reset our compass and find our true north.

How Being an Outsider Can Make You a Better Artist

Are you feeling like an outsider? Often artists identify themselves this way. Author and coach David Couper discusses how to embrace your uniqueness and turn it into a strength.

Making Art and Making a Living

Putting pressure on yourself to make a living from your artwork can actually kill your dreams. Is your creativity suffering because you have to worry about making sales?

Am I an Artist?

Guest blog by Judith Zausner about committing to identify oneself as an artist.

Break Free from Worry/Interview with Karol Ward

Karol Ward, nationally known speaker, psychotherapist and author of “Worried Sick” discusses how artists can be subject to chronic worry due to career and other factors. Find out how you can overcome worry and live a healthier, more stress-free life.