How I Built an International Art Education Business

For the past seven years, we have had three instructors teaching for us online, as well as two teaching our course live, four translators, and thirteen other instructors in training, all preparing to teach online and in the real world.

How Artists Earn: Teaching

Many artists cultivate multiple ways of earning, and have found that teaching is a popular option that can take various forms.

New Kickstarter Campaign Supports Free Art Education

by guest blogger Clara Lieu This art professor is launching a new project that offers online teaching for visual artists – free for people of all ages. Here is her idea.     I am a visual artist and adjunct professor at the Rhode Island School of Design where I have taught for the past decade. For […]

Working for Free

Should artists work for free? Some people think so. This attitude hurts the business of art and can destroy self-confidence.

Is Art School Worth the Money?

Art Schools top the list of institutions with the most deeply in-debt students.

The Critique

We secretly crave critiques, though. We know that to improve and grow, we need the opinion and input from someone we respect, an authority with the ability to help us reset our compass and find our true north.

Turning Artists into Businesspeople/Interview with MICA Dean David Gracyalny

David Gracyalny, the Dean of Continuing Studies at Maryland Institute College of Art, discusses their Master of Professional Studies degree. It is being offered to train artists in business and prepare them to be small business owners.

Is an Art Residency Right for You?

What is involved with finding, applying for and participating in artist residencies? Guest blogger Joseph Cavalieri details how to go about this process step by step, and gives ideas for using your residency to meet other artists, promote your work and make permanent connections.