Artist Showcase Spring 2019

A group of talented and inspired artists were invited to share their work in this Artist Showcase. Click on the each artist’s name to visit their website for more.     Gia Schifano Inspired by the East End of Long Island, my work reflects the peace and tranquility of the area. I want my landscapes […]

Featured Artist Laurie Snow Hein

Ten years ago, I made a decision to focus on what I love, painting my home state and the magic that is uniquely Florida. I want to share all the beauty surrounding me.

Featured Artist Lyndall Bass

Still life for me is pure poetry. Which objects I choose to paint and how they are arranged is an enriched process. I imagine a setting with a person doing something or a narrative series of events. With flowers as the subject, I can paint them like portraits or as an abstract arrangement of color ideas.

Featured Artist Guenevere Schwien

Artist Guenevere Schwien’s twisted strands of lights create a narrative showing the path of positive and negative thoughts in our minds

Featured Artist Randall David Tipton

Deeply influenced by American abstract expressionists, Randall David Tipton’s water media and oil landscapes share his love of nature.

Featured Artist Leanne Fink

Inspired by the lush countryside around her, Leanne Fink creates visually dynamic paintings filled with vivid color.