Upcoming Webinar: Get Ready to Market Your Art

Ready to start marketing and selling your art or handmade work? Join me for this upcoming webinar for strategies to build your creative business.

Sell More of Your Art With Crowdfunding

by guest blogger Andy Derrick To build a sustainable, full-time career creating your art you must work to diversify your streams of income. One of the most effective ways successful artists have done this is by selling reproduction prints of their artwork.     The beauty of selling reproduction prints is that it extends the […]

Is Your Art Priced Correctly?

Let’s take a look at a basic pricing formula that any artist can use to be sure they are actually making money.

Collection Strategies for Artists

Rest assured that there are collection strategies that work and can save your sanity, too.

Problems Getting Paid? How to Never Get Stiffed Again

Make it clear from the very beginning that you require timely payment of your invoice, or monthly check, etc. or that you will take action, and then do it.

What’s Going Right with Your Art Business?

But the way we build our small businesses is not only by finding out what’s wrong. It’s building on the positive, acknowledging what we are doing right, and what we have accomplished.

4 Actionable Tips to Reach New Art Collectors Online

There are dozens of theoretical ways to get your artwork in front of collectors, but I’m going to give you 4 tips you can use right now to start exposing your artwork to a wider audience of art collectors online.

Connecting with a Niche Market

My work has always been to support the journey of those who are in recovery from drugs and alcohol.

How Artists are Using 3D Printing

Artists in a wide variety of mediums are embracing 3D printing and digital fabrication. Why do they use this technology? What does it add to the creative process, and the result? We asked several artists to share their concept and techniques.     Leisa Rich – It is a logical progression for an experimental artist such as I […]

New Technologies for the Studio Artist

The range of print capabilities is growing to include printing in multi-color, and producing pieces that range from being rigid to very elastic.

Selling Art in the Wholesale Marketplace

Success depends on leveraging your property (every design or painting) beyond the sale of the original.

My Studio Mascot

We asked some artist friends if they had a studio mascot, and got a huge response! Let’s meet their best friends and muses in the studio, and a few furry studio managers as well …

How to Increase Your Online Art Sales

Now, we get into the fun stuff— using your portfolio to build an online presence.

What Artists Must Know about Digital Images

Once artists get their digital images, the next struggle is understanding and managing their images.