Are You Overwhelming Your Customers with Too Many Choices?

If the collection of work that you have for sale is unwieldy and tends to overwhelm customers, you must cut through the clutter and make some hard decisions.

Making a Living with Live Painting

These two artists who have both found a niche in the live painting arena. Their venues differ, but their approach is the same.

3 Things Your Collectors Need to Know

Collectors don’t only need to know that the art they are considering is right for them.

The Art of 3D Typography: An Interview with Noah Camp

3D typography is the art of altering letters in computer software that brings the text to life.

An Artist in Transition

“This is the story of a lot of artists,” says Dayal, “they are always on fire. But I am like a phoenix rising from the ashes.”

What Motivates Your Collectors?

The art that collectors own also allows them to express their own creativity – because selecting, buying and displaying art is a creative endeavor in itself.

How Artists Can Work Effectively with Publishers

Before agreeing to any publication offer, you should have some idea in mind with regard to the terms and conditions you are willing to accept.

10 Easy Tips for Better Sales at Your Next Art Fair

When a person is looking at our artwork, we suddenly don’t know how to behave. We don’t trust our “natural” instincts.

The Value of Art In Situ

Information can be visual, through the use of in situ photos, where seeing the size and impact of your art helps the shopper imagine owning your work.

How to Wholesale Your Art or Handmade Work

Now, The Arts Business Institute has launched a new series of online courses called Wholesale Academy.

New Kickstarter Campaign Supports Free Art Education

by guest blogger Clara Lieu This art professor is launching a new project that offers online teaching for visual artists – free for people of all ages. Here is her idea.     I am a visual artist and adjunct professor at the Rhode Island School of Design where I have taught for the past decade. For the past […]

Boost Your Art Marketing with Printed Materials

Using print collateral in your small creative business is a good strategy to enhance your art marketing efforts.

Our New Online Art Gallery Just Launched!

Our new gallery website is a robust e-commerce platform where we are presenting and selling the work of selected artists who have been previously featured on the Artsy Shark website.

How I Got My Art Placed on TV and Movie Sets

Some artists have an agent who tries to make these connections for them, but she did this herself.