Artist Showcase Late Winter 2020

Chase away the winter blues with this lively and inspired Artist Showcase featuring 23 artists who bring joy and passion to their art. Click on each artist’s name to learn more.


Oil painting of bouquet of flowers by Ernie Kleven

“A Bouquet of Color” Oil, 20″ x 20″ by artist Ernie Kleven


Ernie Kleven

I call this abstract/impressionistic art because I begin painting with no image in mind but as I progress, I begin to see an image on the canvas which I pursue impressionistically. Ergo, abstract/impressionistic.


Painting of Mangroves by Janet Mishner

“Mangroves” Acrylic on Canvas, 40″ x 40″ by Artist Janet Mishner


Janet Mishner

The inspiration for Mangroves#3 from my series “Suncoast Inspiration” is the beauty of the surrounding environs in Sarasota, Florida. As an abstract/representational artist, I utilize personal observation when I begin my paintings.


Painting of the Oregon coast by Patricia Gould

“Oregon Coast” Acrylic on Canvas, 36″ x 12″ by artist Patricia Gould


Patricia Gould

I love the rugged rocky coast of Oregon where the mountains and forest meet the ocean. The surf is rough and full of energy.


Acrylic and Ink abstract design by Katie Schutte

“Stain 27″ Acrylic and Ink on Canvas, 9″ x 12” by artist Katie Schutte


Katie Schutte

Uniting unrelated areas of artistry is the main catalyst behind my work. I focus on utilizing crochet techniques as methods for working with materials and processes associated with jewelry, sculpture and painting.


Abstract mixed media painting by Melissa Groth

“Exercise in Green” Acrylic, Gouache and Glitter, 12″ x 12″ by artist Melissa Groth


Melissa Groth

My works are experiments in color and texture. I love to borrow palettes from nature and use them to create abstract scenes that each viewer interprets differently. I’m fascinated by what people see in them.


Still life painting of an ewer and lemons by Karen Burns

“Fresh Lemons” Oil on Archival Panel, 10″ x 8″ by artist Karen Burns


Karen Burns

I have transitioned from still life photographer to still life oil painter—showcasing a vibrant, classic style. Pairing something vintage with something fresh holds great appeal for me, along with painting wet into wet in one sitting.


Cyanotype Encaustic on wood titled Her Story by Kathy Stutzman

“Her Story” Cyanotype Encaustic on Wood, 16″ x 20″ by artist Kathy Stutzman


Kathy Stutzman

I call myself an art adventurer as I love exploring different mediums and techniques. In “HerStory,” I used layers of heated beeswax and damar resin as a painting medium along with a cyanotype print.


Abstract collage by Sharon Grimes

“A Simple Arrangement of Shapes 7″ Collage, 14.5″ x 21.5” by artist Sharon Grimes


Sharon Grimes

At some point, I begin to let intuition and the process lead me. Moving freely into this process is where my best work is done.


Oil painting of a barn shaped house in Hardwick by Debbie Mueller

“Anachronisms of Hardwick” Oil on Canvas, 20″ x 16″ by artist Debbie Mueller


Debbie Mueller

My heart sings when I can portray the dance between shadow and illumination. My award-winning landscape and still life paintings capture light in a bold, contemporary style.


Abstract painting by Chelsea Klamm

“Afternoon Cocktails” Acrylic on Canvas, 24″ x 24″ by artist Chelsea Klamm


Chelsea Klamm

Change is lovely. Change is an evolution that spawns growth, risk, progress and beauty. By using acrylic paints, I create bold, modern, original abstract pieces that are sincere symbols of the awesome power of change.


Ink airbrush of a leopard by Sharen-Lee McLachlan

“Amber” Ink Airbrushed on MDF Board, 90cm x 120cm by artist Sharen-Lee McLachlan


Sharen-Lee McLachlan

I love painting animals and showcasing their beautiful souls through my art. This is the reason I have airbrushed “Amber” as I feel it softens the visual effect and creates a more realistic representation.


oil painting of a young African American girl by Karen Cooper

“Hello” Oil on Canvas, 20″ x 20″ by artist Karen Cooper


Karen Cooper

I am a people watcher. I watch with intensity, and then I paint. The absolute necessity of the matter is that the painting must be a thing of substance and solidity, interest and beauty.


Abstract mixed media painting by Arnaud Gautron

“Blue Birds Red Trees” Acrylic and Paper on Canvas, 162cm x 114cm by artist Arnaud Gautron


Arnaud Gautron

I paint nature as stained and drooling, filled with shadows, blurred memories and fugitive remains—all witnesses of traces made indelible. I believe these things are the prophecies of a disintegrating world.


Airbrushed ink portrait of a woman wearing a turban with a bird on her shoulder by Teresa Franks

“Magic” Ink Airbrushed on MDF Board, 90cm x 120cm by artist Teresa Franks


Teresa Franks

In a trance-like state she looks to the future, her frogmouth totem at her side. He says it is time to face her shadows and see the magic within and all around her.


Pastel and charcoal drawing of a nude figure by Andrea Pascual

“Figure 8″ Pastel and Charcoal on Paper, 24″ x 18” by artist Andrea Pascual


Andrea Pascual

The following, “A Line of Thought,” is a poem I wrote about my drawing.

in a delicate balance/moving through and into space/threading layers/past lost edges/and searching light

Done/then left undone


Oil painting of a pebbled brook in a woods by Nancy Price

“All That Glitters” Oil, 16″ x 20″ by artist Nancy Price


Nancy Price

As a nature lover living in the Southwest, it is easy to find inspiration for my landscape paintings. I enjoy working in a loose, impasto style with thick, texturized oil paint.


Photograph of an old abandoned mine by Karie Anderson

“Abandoned Autumn” Photography, Archival Print, 20″ x 16″ by artist Karie Anderson


Karie Anderson

As an outdoor and travel photographer, discovering weathered and aged architecture with nature’s terrain serving as a complimentary backdrop is undoubtedly my most treasured subject matter.


Abstract oil painting by David Martsolf

“Dance” Oil on Canvas, 48″ x 24″ by artist David Martsolf


David Martsolf

My work highlights the vibrancy of my sketch line with bold background colors. While this example of a dancing line has signature overtones, other examples fan out toward further abstraction or back into recognizable objects.


landscape painting of Endless Caverns in New Market, Virginia by Lynn Payne

“Endless Caverns” Oil on Canvas, 30″ x 40″ by artist Lynn Payne


Lynn Payne

I find inspiration all around me, from the ever-changing landscape surrounding our home to that which I experience on our travels. Textures and textiles, fruit and flowers in still life, I love it all!


oil portrait of a young woman daydreaming by Courtney Panzer

“Daydream” Oil on Linen, 10″ x 13″ by artist Courtney Panzer


Courtney Panzer

I am fascinated by light and how it relates to the subject I am painting: the colors reflected and their temperature. I love to capture emotion in every subject I paint—landscape, people or animals.


abstract acrylic and mixed media painting by Hannah Thomas

“Delirious Light” Acrylic and Mixed Media on Canvas, 100cm x 120cm by artist Hannah Thomas


Hannah Thomas

I am an abstract artist. My process is instinctive, experimental and without self-censorship. My focus is always atmosphere, intensity and the thrust of an emotional energy into the work.


still life painting of a flower arrangement by Claire Sower

“Radiant Blue” Oil on Panel, 12″ x 12″ by artist Claire Sower


Claire Sower

I am an expressionist painter. I am primarily drawn to colour and the way in which it creates emotional responses within us, especially within the context of landscapes and florals, which are my muses.


Abstract painting by Ester Pugliese

“Moderate to strong northwest winds will persist throughout the weekend” Acrylic, Soft Pastel, Carbon Pencil and Chalkboard Paint on Wood Panel, 30″ x 30″ by artist Ester Pugliese


Ester Pugliese

I paint abstracted flower arrangements that resemble land masses overtaking geometric structures and delicate plants. Inspired by an urge to protect the natural world, I build layer upon layer to achieve a coral reef aesthetic.


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