Artist Showcase Spring, 2018

We invited artist friends to share some of their favorite work in our 2018 Spring Showcase. From oils and encaustic cold wax paintings to photography and digital artwork, these images have been inspired by the artist’s passion, curiosity and imagination. Click on each name to visit their art website.


"Welcome Home" Oil, 36" x 36" by Gwen Fox. See her portfolio by visiitng

“Welcome Home” Oil, 36″ x 36″ by Gwen Fox


Gwen Fox

Art that is filled with color, sensitivity and passion opens the door presenting another world to love. My goal as an artist is to inspire and empower artists to believe in their personal artistic vision and dreams.


"Imprint" Mixed Media, 42" x 42" by Dominique McKenzie. See her portfolio by visiting

“Imprint” Mixed Media, 42″ x 42″ by Dominique McKenzie


Dominique McKenzie

Making art becomes meditation when creativity takes over your mind in constant search of personal satisfaction. The process is exciting and fulfilling. It is fun to erase everything I have been exposed to in order to allow my inspiration and spontaneity to create art.


"Colors of a Bright Life" Watercolor and Ink, 12" x 9" by Cary Wyninger. See her portfolio by visiting

“Colors of a Bright Life” Watercolor and Ink, 12″ x 9″ by Cary Wyninger


Cary Wyninger

I am incredibly inspired by nature, color and lines and follow my intuition the best I can while I work.


"Broken and Beautiful" Oil and Cold Wax on Birch Panel, 101" x 65" by Erika Guillory. See her portfolio by visiting

“Broken and Beautiful” Oil and Cold Wax on Birch Panel, 101″ x 65″ by Erika Guillory Page


Erika Guillory Page

A narrative thread runs through the layers of oil and cold wax in my paintings, and storytelling is their soul. I urge the viewer to look beyond the surface and discover the stories within.


"Joie de Vivre" Ink and Acrylic on Paper, 24" x 36" by Diana Sartor. See her portfolio by visiting

“Joie de Vivre” Ink and Acrylic on Paper, 24″ x 36″ by Diana Sartor


Diana Sartor

Organic or abstract, my paintings are filled with vibrating color and energetic line. Working intuitively with fluid pigments leads to beautiful surprises, translating inspiration to paper—reason enough for me to paint!


"Fishing at Mokapu, Hawaii" Photography, Various Sizes by Delphine Bordas. See her portfolio by visiting

“Fishing at Mokapu, Hawaii” Photography, Various Sizes by Delphine Bordas


Delphine Bordas

Nature and black and white photography are my two passions. I aim to capture what nature has to offer, revealing its vibrant and warm spirit by stripping down the color palette to its simplest form to obtain timelessness and serenity.


"Sacred Life We Are Now and Forever" Oil, 48" x 30" by Suzanne Paddock. See her portfolio by visiting

“Sacred Life We Are Now and Forever” Oil, 48″ x 30″ by Suzanne Paddock


Suzanne Paddock

My work is marked by a limited color palette and an expressive narrative. It focuses on the intimacy of personal stories, my own and those collected, relating to the value of life, identity and compassion.


"Integration" Encaustic, 36" x 48" by Barbara Talbott. See her portfolio by visiting

“Integration” Encaustic, 36″ x 48″ by Barbara Talbott


Barbara Talbott

I started working with encaustic medium, with pigments suspended in bee’s wax, because the material cools quickly and allows me to build up colors and texture. I paint the emotions I feel about the world in my work.


"Oxymoron" Acrylic, 24" x 30" by Alejandra Linares. See her portfolio by visiting

“Oxymoron” Acrylic, 24″ x 30″ by Alejandra Linares


Alejandra Linares

My work is a graphic representation of my experiences. Being from one of the most exotic places in world–Venezuela–its colors, shapes and its vibrations get transferred to my canvas without thinking about it.


"Hot Lips - Wall Photograph" Photography, Various Sizes by Denise Solay. See her portfolio by visiting

“Hot Lips – Wall Photograph” Photography, Various Sizes by Denise Solay


Denise Solay

This image is of a wall photographed in the Paraja tribal village of Kunduli in Odisha, India. I photograph walls as abstract art in countries around the world. They capture the often overlooked history and beauty of each culture.


"Beyond the Horizon" Acrylic, 12" x 12" by Patricia Ganek. See her portfolio by visiting

“Beyond the Horizon” Acrylic, 12″ x 12″ by Patricia Ganek


Patricia Ganek

The palette knife adds so much texture and expression to my paintings. I love incorporating it into my landscapes and nonobjective work.


"Gassho Meditation" Oil, 16" x 16" by Tomiko Takeda

“Gassho Meditation” Oil, 16″ x 16″ by Tomiko Takeda


Tomiko Watada Takeda

The simple act of putting our hands together, close to our heart, helps bring a sense of peace and internal quiet. “Gassho Meditation” was created with that in mind.


"Red Frankie" Acrylic, 152cm x 102cm by Carly Marchment Supple. See her portfolio by visiting

“Red Frankie” Acrylic, 152cm x 102cm by Carly Marchment Supple


Carly Marchment Supple

My main concern is to capture the emotion of moments in time and convey this to my audience in a large two-dimensional format using bold, dramatic shadows. I draw inspiration from my children and my surroundings.


"Eagle Dancer" Mixed Media, 40" x 40" by Paula Jones. See her portfolio by visiting

“Eagle Dancer” Mixed Media, 40″ x 40″ by Paula Jones


Paula Jones

I’m an intuitive painter, not knowing what is going to show up on my canvas. I meditate, burn sage and ask for guidance. Many of my paintings reflect my love for Native American ceremonies.


"Sprites" Watercolor, 10" x 13" by Lynda Hoffman Snodgrass. See her portfolio by visiting

“Sprites” Watercolor, 10″ x 13″ by Lynda Hoffman Snodgrass


Lynda Hoffman-Snodgrass

I create water media paintings focusing on abstraction with rich textures, patterns and color. My artwork is a culmination and a sharing of my life experiences, dreams, inner visions and of all I that am.


"Kayakers' Circle" Oil on Board, 8" x 8" by Shannon Celia. See her portfolio by visiting

“Kayakers’ Circle” Oil on Board, 8″ x 8″ by Shannon Celia


Shannon Celia

I share what I see through my daily lens, sometimes gritty and sometimes pretty. I enjoy exploring contemporary coastal vignettes in oil with an emphasis on light, shape and movement, using palette knives and brushwork.


"Blue Couple" Acrylic on Wood, 12" x 16" by Marcia Biasiello

“Blue Couple” Acrylic on Wood, 12″ x 16″ by Marcia Biasiello


Marcia Biasiello

My paintings express a shimmering joy of pattern, portraying darkly romantic narratives. Figures inhabit rooms coming into focus and dissolving into shadows—evoking the exquisite tension of love and the lovely illusions of domesticity.


"Aspen Dreams" Oil, 20" x 16" by Nancy Romanovsky. See her portfolio by visiting

“Aspen Dreams” Oil, 20″ x 16″ by Nancy Romanovsky


Nancy Romanovsky

I love the process of starting with nothing and creating something uniquely beautiful and honest. I paint the quiet essence of nature. Aspens are a key element, with dappled light and abstract shapes of reflective color.


"Dinner Date" Acrylic, 30" x 20" by Frank Hill. See his portfolio by visiting

“Dinner Date” Acrylic, 30″ x 20″ by Frank Hill


Frank Hill

I am only interested in figurative painting. My heroes are the post impressionists—particularly Seurat. I try to find typical contemporary activities which l think will make interesting paintings.


Color Pencil Portrait by Dallas Lyn Miller. See her portfolio by visiting

Color Pencil Portrait by Dallas Lyn Miller


Dallas Lynn Miller

I’m a self-taught artist living in Portland, Oregon. Color pencil is my favorite medium for celebrating my imagination through a dreamlike surrealism; almost like a modern take on portraits and pop-art as if there were no cameras.


"Tower Blocks on Copacabana Beach, Rio" Acrylic, 64cm x 70cm by Brian Weavers. See his portfolio by visiting

“Tower Blocks on Copacabana Beach, Rio” Acrylic, 64cm x 70cm by Brian Weavers


Brian Weavers

I make three-dimensional art which “Moves when Viewed” using acrylic paint. I worked on various two-dimensional paintings before choosing the three-dimensional method.


"Ebb and Flow" Mixed Media, 36" x 36" by Angela Jackson. See her portfolio by visiting

“Ebb and Flow” Mixed Media, 36″ x 36″ by Angela Jackson


Angela Jackson

I am mixed media artist and art educator who is inspired by the healing properties and beauty of the ocean. I want to encourage people to nourish their soul with art making.


"Citrus Sky" Archival Pigment Print of a Cut Paper Collage, Various Sizes by Luana Kaufmann. See her portfolio by visiting

“Citrus Sky” Archival Pigment Print of a Cut Paper Collage, Various Sizes by Luana Kaufmann


Luana Kaufmann

Found-image collage offers me infinite content. I see relationships between images and then I’m compelled to coax them into stories with scissors, paper and glue. At last the ultimate cohesion happens—archival pigment prints.


"Nearest Neighbors" Oil, 14" x 11" by Jessie Rasche. See her portfolio by visiting

“Nearest Neighbors” Oil, 14″ x 11″ by Jessie Rasche


Jessie Rasche

My landscapes express the space and mood of middle and western America. My figurative work is intimate, conveying the subject’s personality and light.


"The Sumatran Tiger" Pastel, 47cm x 52cm by Judith MacKay. See her portfolio by visiting

“The Sumatran Tiger” Pastel, 47cm x 52cm by Judith MacKay


Judith MacKay

I use my pastel paintings to connect humanity to the wildlife around us by giving the animals a sense of presence. I believe in promoting endangered species and support a number of charities in this field.


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