Art Publishing: Everything has Changed, Nothing has Changed

The challenge of art publishing is to keep up with the methods of distribution to get that art from you, the artist, to the end user who acquires your creation and grows to love it.

The Truth About Art Publishing

The average life span of an image in the marketplace is much shorter than it was in the distant 20th Century.

An Artist’s View of Art Publishing – Part 2

As an artist, you are free to pursue your craft in the manner of your choosing. But the business side of the art world is no different than many others – timing plays a big part in things.

An Artist’s View of Art Publishing – Part 1

As long as you go into art publishing with clear expectations, I don’t think you will be disappointed with your experience, especially if you work with a top art publisher.

Conversation with an Art Publisher

An interview with art publishing executive Donna Levan, on what artists should know about working in the industry.

The Art of the Great Idea

Giesla Hoelscher, a Minnesota native, has launched a line of photo collages relating to cities, universities and personal histories. She discusses her marketing strategies.

A Guide to Art Licensing & Publishing

Jan Weiss, author of ebook “The CoExistence of Art and Money” presents an excerpt from the book which discusses art publishing and artists self-publishing their work.

How to Sell Your Work to Art Publishers

Harriet Rinehart of Bentley Publishing Group talks about the art publishing world. She searches for new artists to license their work to this art publisher, and tells how to submit, what they are looking for, what colors are popular and how the business works.