Avoid these 7 Mistakes when Photographing Art

Guest blogger Garry McMichael explains common mistakes, and helps make photographing art with a digital camera easy.

Scott Price: Writer, Digital Artist, Self-Publisher

The fascinating current technology for digital self-publishing gives artists more ability than ever to move beyond their medium and to interact with their audience.

Conversation with an Art Publisher

“Art publishing is a trend-driven business, thus we are continually analyzing and re-evaluating what themes and styles are selling, what wall décor formats are selling, and what available technologies we should be utilizing to create our products efficiently.”

Do You Want to be a Children’s Book Illustrator?

First, Cherish and Benjamin read the manuscript to be sure they feel the story would fit well with their art style, and that the project is one they can be excited about. Since each project is extremely time-consuming, the illustrator needs to be passionate about working on it and being part of the finished book. A negotiation follows, nailing down the price for the illustrations, and royalties.

Top 10 Articles on Artsy Shark this Year

Countdown of the top ten most-read articles on Artsy Shark in 2010. Includes articles on galleries, art licensing, art publishing, greeting cards, websites and strategies.

A Guide to Art Licensing & Publishing

Jan Weiss, author of ebook “The CoExistence of Art and Money” presents an excerpt from the book which discusses art publishing and artists self-publishing their work.

How to Become a Successful Book Illustrator

Book illustrator Duncan Long discusses his career and how he became successful in his field. He advises beginners on how to work with book and magazine publishers, marketing and pricing their work.

Greeting Card Biz Insider Secrets – Part 1

Greeting Card Creative/Art Director Don Ruge explains the business and how to start a greeting card line. He suggests doing research to find your market and your style with lots of helpful tips for artists.

How to Sell Your Work to Art Publishers

Harriet Rinehart of Bentley Publishing Group talks about the art publishing world. She searches for new artists to license their work to this art publisher, and tells how to submit, what they are looking for, what colors are popular and how the business works.